5 tips to jumpstart your workout routine

According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, less than half (46 percent) of fitness resolutioners will successfully maintain their plan of action.

Now that it’s half-way through the year, many people are realizing that they fall under that category, too. If you need a full charge or just a little boost, our fitness experts are here with a few easy steps to help you jump-start your fitness.

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Step 1: Choose Your Own Fitness Adventure

The heavy breathing and sore muscles are not the only overwhelming factors of exercise.

Just figuring out what kind of workouts that you may enjoy can be hard, but if you want long-term success, it is of the utmost importance to actually like the type of exercise that you are doing.

Step 2: Create Accountability

Once you have decided on your fitness path of least resistance, it’s time to become accountable.

Accountability, especially to another person, is a crucial aspect of sticking to a fitness plan. Studies have shown that being accountable to someone increases the likelihood of completing the task to a whopping 95 percent.


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