12 tips to help you save on your next car

If you’re getting anxious, worrying about how to save money on a car, go no further. We’ve got this.

When it comes to securing a car loan, you typically have a couple of options. You agree to pay them the amount they finance plus interest over a period of time.

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Get a Used Car

A used vehicle can be much cheaper than a new one. Buying a car that’s a few years old may allow you to afford features you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Compare Financing Programs

Research financing programs through your bank and other lenders. That way you’ll understand who will offer you the best terms and interest rates.

Pay for Your Car with Cash

Consider paying for a car in cash, if you have enough on hand of course. You won’t have a monthly auto payment or owe any interest.

Negotiate with the Dealer

Before you buy a car, arm yourself with key information. First, know your budget and be willing to stick to it. Next, research pricing and financing in your area.

Estimate Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs vary across make and model of car. So, as you are researching vehicles to buy, be sure to take these into account.