Top 5 identity theft pitfalls & how to avoid them

The online mobile environment makes it easier for people to pay and get paid for their products and services. Yet for identity thieves, the same environment creates a vast opportunity to steal more.

When you can’t count on large companies and organizations to secure your personal information, you need to understand potential identity theft pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.

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Weak password protection

To avoid this pitfall, use a password management tool to store all your passwords. Use it to generate randomized passwords every few months that consist of a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers.

Lack of personal document protection

Keep all documents containing sensitive personal data in a safe or safety deposit box. Don’t leave anything valuable in your vehicle.

Lack of review and awareness

To prevent this from happening, consider subscribing to an identity theft protection service. These services track your accounts and credit reports for any signs of potential identity theft.

No backup plan

To stop identity theft as soon as you suspect something is wrong, be sure to have copies of credit, debit, and ID cards as well as other personal documents.

Too many accounts and lists

To reduce the risk for this ID threat, unsubscribe from as many online accounts as possible. Look for contact information to make sure your name is no longer included on lists that are sold to other companies.

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