Here’s Why You Should Be Torching Your Cheese

Brûlée cheese: Two words that immediately awake the taste buds and elicit an image of gooey, perfectly burnt discs.

Increasingly trendy on social media, the recipes and techniques are easy, making for a low-effort-big-impact party dish.

Medium Brush Stroke

How do you make it at home? Our experts share their winning tips.

1. Start with Room Temperature Cheese

Don’t start with cold cheese. The amount of time it takes to brûlée the surface won’t be long enough to heat the entire paste through.

To ensure a scoopable, spreadable center, Spencer suggests that take your cheese out of the fridge at least one hour and even better, two! before you plan on preparing it.

2. Choose the Right Cheese

Consider one wrapped in bark. “They are self-contained by their cambium belts, which makes them easy to serve and eliminates the need for a baking dish.”

As you brûlée the surface of the cheese, the bark around the edge gets singed, unleashing a beautiful woodsy, campfire-esque aroma.

3. Torch or Broil

The broiler method works just fine, but everybody’s oven is a little different, so if you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll definitely need to pay close attention to your cheese under the flame.


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