How to take great travel photos with your phone

A good photographer isn’t defined by their piece of equipment but instead by their perspective.

We are defining “good” or “better” photos as images that evoke a feeling. They may not be technically sound (depth of field, anyone?), but they narrate a story and have an ability to transport you.

Medium Brush Stroke

Avoid Templates

This is step number one to taking photos you’ll love to browse and share, photos that will help others see a destination from a different perspective.

Be Open to Experiences

Whether you enjoy landscape photography, food photography or taking portraits of people you meet, any time you point your camera at a subject, you are inviting them to open themselves to you.

Pay Attention to the Time of the Day

If you are even minutely interested in photography, you may have heard of the golden hour. Witnessed just before sunrise or sunset, this is one of the best times to take photos.

Pay Attention to Light & Shade in Nature

When you are out hiking, waking up early is the best way to increase chances of spotting wildlife.

Take City Photos in the Morning & at Night

If you are vacationing in or around a city, early mornings and late nights are the perfect time to take some unusual photos.


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