Traveling internationally? Don’t tip in these countries!

Familiarize yourself with tipping customs in different parts of the world. It’ll help you prepare for the costs coming your way and make you feel more comfortable and in control while traveling.


Across the U.S., it’s customary to tip up to 20% for restaurant servers, bartenders, and drivers.

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If you’re planning an epic trip to France, Spain, Italy, or other  European countries, service tips may already be included in your  restaurant bill in Europe.

Mexico and the Caribbean

Whether you’re heading to Cancun, Mexico City, or the Bahamas, be  prepared to tip. Restaurant gratuities usually average between 10% and  20% in Mexico and the Caribbean.

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Heading to Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, or beyond? Here’s the scoop:  The standard tip rate for Latin America is 10% in restaurants.

Central and South America


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