8 vices we all spend way too much time & money on

We all have our vices, but do we ever stop to think about what they cost us?

Spending money on them might be impacting our financial lives in ways we aren’t even aware. We all have indulgences we know aren’t good for us. Visits to coffee shops or fast-food places aren’t the end of the world, but they can cost us in ways we don’t always notice.

Beauty and hair care

Although looking as good as we feel is important to many of us, it’s also essential to remember that beauty tends to come with a hefty price tag.


A few adult beverages with friends now and then or to celebrate a significant milestone with your partner isn’t a bad thing, but some of us take our happy hours a little too far.

Gambling and lottery tickets

When we think of gambling, many of us probably think of slot machines, Las Vegas, and card games. But gambling comes in many forms, including lottery tickets, sports betting, raffles, or even bingo games.

Retail therapy

Indulging in a bit of retail therapy can be a fun distraction when you’re having a tough day, but all those stress purchases can quickly add up.

Fast food

Approximately 36% percent of Americans eat fast food on any given day, and we eat out one to three times per week. When we go to fast-food restaurants, we also probably spend more than the average cost of $6 per meal.