Want a simple, affordable wedding? Here’s how to save

How can you decide what to keep and what to toss from your wedding day plans?

One sure-fire way to have a stress-free process is to plan a simple wedding. Simplicity means cutting out the non-essentials, stripping away the excess, and focusing on the true must-haves.

It’s like having witnesses causes us to all go overboard with flowers, decorations, and personalized details for every little aspect of the celebration.

Making wedding decisions

Too often for couples on a budget, the options are either do it yourself and be stressed out (and perhaps unhappy with the product) or throw a lot of money at a vendor to do it for you.

Keep it or toss it?

One option for wedding aspects you’re not into is to just not do them. If something costs too much, stresses you out, or you simply don’t care about that aspect of the day, feel free to toss it!

Outsourcing help to vendors or friendors

These are things that you can decide to hire professionals for or enlist the help of friendors if you have a talented and willing pal.