11 ways money actually can buy happiness

People love to say “money can’t buy happiness.” But is that actually true? Money can buy happiness, or at least open more doors for achieving happiness.

Which plays out in the research behind happiness and money, and why most people aren’t very happy regardless of how much they earn.

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Buy Security for Your Family

Money lets you buy safety and security for your family. Use your money to buy excellent health insurance for your family.

Switch to Your Dream Career

Imagine an alternative path. Imagine designing your ideal life, doing work you find fulfilling and meaningful, living in the perfect city or town for you.


Work could even involve volunteering for a cause you feel passionate about. Once you reach financial independence, you can cover your living expenses with passive income alone.


Spend your money on experiences that broaden your horizons, rather than on material items that offer only a quick bump in happiness.

Treat Your Friends & Family

Less dependence on your job means more freedom to spend time deepening your relationships with friends and family.