Self-care Sunday: 5 easy ways to refresh & recharge

One of my favorite mantras is “self-care is self-protection.” This means that engaging in behaviors that are kind and loving that require you to take care of yourself first, protects you from pain and heartbreak.

Self-Care Sunday is an easy, positive, weekly way to remember to exercise a positive habit — in this case, taking time out to care for your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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Say No

Keep in mind that there are many ways to say “no” kindly. I often recommend you start with acknowledgement for the request, state your “no” and then end with an expression of gratitude for the consideration.

Ask for Help

The second tool for self-care is asking for help. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes for this exercise. Write down all the things you do in a day.

Create a Soul-Loving Space

Consider a space in your home or office that you would like to dedicate to you and your serenity. This is a place where you can land at the end of the day or when you need a moment of respite.

Three Things I Did Well Today

The fourth self-care tool is one that I teach to all my clients. Before bed every night pull out a piece of paper and write down three things you did well that day.


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