10 ways to save big bucks on your groceries

I just cannot believe the prices of groceries lately! In these tough economic times, saving money is more important than ever.

As a former extreme couponer and self-proclaimed frugalista, it’s time for me to get tough and start using my best strategies to save my family money.

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Buy Some Store Brands

In many categories, store brands are just as good or better than their name-brand counterparts for much less money.

Grocery Delivery

Many families view grocery delivery as an expensive extravagance, but this is not always the case. Our household grocery spending has gone down significantly since using delivery.

Use A Weekly Meal Plan

This will ensure you are purchasing only what’s needed and nothing more, which can also help cut down on waste.

Eliminate Food Waste

Decreasing the amount of food we waste has probably had the most significant impact on our grocery budget.

Take Advantage of Price Matching Promises

Another strategy to save money at the supermarket is to use purchase price matching if you are shopping somewhere.


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