Weird etiquette rules around the world

Every country has its own social rules and manners, and what one man considers rude may be appropriate for another. Here are 25 of the weirdest and most fascinating etiquettes around the world.

Kiss the bread that is dropped on the floor

A bread dropped on the floor should be picked up, kissed, put to one’s forehead, and then placed on the side.

In Chile, touching the food you eat is considered a faux pas and very unsanitary.

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Don’t eat with your hands

You don’t need to be a superfood to know that Italians take their food  seriously. So, when in Italy, don’t ask for extra cheese on anything.

Don’t ask for extra cheese

Being tardy is frowned upon almost everywhere except in Canada, where showing up early or on time is considered bad.

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Don’t show up on time or early


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