What is vodka made from?

DISCUS reports that the super premium category of vodkas is fastest  growing, with flavored vodkas accounting for around 22% of all vodkas  sold.

Made in KwaZulu Natal, SouthAfrica with African sugar cane, their Vusa Vodka drinks smooth with a bare hint of sweetness.

Sugar Cane

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Remember quinoa, the OG superfood? QURI Vodka proudly celebrates the ancient grain of the Peruvian Andes mountains in their delicately nutty, silken spirit.


Spring water from the Austrian Alps and non-GMO ancient ryes lend purity and spice to Neft Vodka, an aromatic, yet clean spirit.

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Crisp and mildly fruity, Ciroc Vodka originated in Southwest France in 2001 at Maison Villevert, a renowned spirits house with roots in the Cognac industry.



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