What’s more expensive in the long run:

A gas or electric stove?

Which is better: gas or electric stove? The natural gas vs. electric stove debate has intensified in 2023 as policymakers consider new product safety regulations.

Are Gas Stoves Dangerous?

New research suggests 12.7% of current childhood asthma in the United States is attributed to gas stove use.

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The National Cancer Institute partially funded the research behind that conclusion. Research commissioned by the American Gas Association, meanwhile, found no causal relationship between gas-fired cooking and childhood asthma.

Is Electric Safer Than Gas?

Electric and gas ranges may both produce ultrafine particle pollution, but gas stove emissions can be more hazardous for your health.

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Do gas stoves cause cancer? Research shows that long-term exposure to benzene can cause leukemia. Considering benzene is a known human carcinogen, its presence in natural gas has alarmed a group of scientists who recently studied the issue in California.


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