When should you really file for Social Security?

Here, you’ll learn more about selecting the right age to apply for Social Security, whether that’s 62 or older.

Applying for Social Security at Age 62

The earliest most people can apply for Social Security is age 62. Taking retirement at 62 will cause your benefit to be reduced by about 30%.

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If you were born after 1960 and you retire at 65, you can expect to receive 86.7% of your full retirement benefit.

Applying for Social Security at Age 65

Applying for Social Security at Age 67

If you wait to apply for benefits until full retirement, you will get the full amount of your benefit.

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Applying for Social Security at Age 70

If you file at age 70, your monthly Social Security retirement payment  is 30% higher than it would have been if you filed at full retirement.


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