No privacy, no WiFi: Why RV retirement might not be for you

Here are reasons you might just end up hating RV life. It’s not all scenic overlooks and s’mores by the campfire, but knowing the twists and  turns can make all the difference!

RV life is minimalism on steroids. Heading out for a summer adventure? Pack like you’re only allowed a carry-on.

Becoming a minimalist

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Shower situation

RV showers are petite, like a phone booth, but for showering. Quick  rinse-offs are the name of the game here, no singing ballads with your  shampoo bottle as a mic.

No privacy

RV parks are like little neighborhoods. You’re just a few feet away from your neighbors, for better or worse.

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If you’ve got a low tolerance for the “Oops, didn’t see that coming”  moments, the RV lifestyle might have you sweating in places you didn’t  know could sweat.

RV park availability


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