A woman’s guide to financial planning — for every stage of life

As women, we have unique needs and challenges when it comes to managing our money. it’s even more important that we understand how to capitalize on our money’s potential.

Having confidence in your financial situation as a woman will help you stress less and enjoy life more regardless of where life takes you.

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Financial Planning as a Single Woman in Your 20s

The first building block to achieving financial success is to set up a budget, or spending plan, that fits your needs.

Your Career & Financial Planning as a Woman

Many companies will offer health, dental and life insurance, but also have perks that you may not have realized such as counseling, financial coaching, and health coaching.

How to Have the Money Conversation With Your Partner Before Marriage

Important thing to discuss is what your short- and long- term goals are as a couple and how this will affect your finances.

Financial Planning When Your Married

Regardless of what system you choose to pursue, communication is the biggest factor in determining if you’ll be able to keep the peace and meet your financial goals together.

Financial Planning for Divorcing Women

The important thing is to control what you can, and not make any major or unnecessary purchases in order to conserve cash throughout the process.