You can make your kids rich by 18. Here is how!

Using this strategy, by the time your child leaves home at age 18, you  can help set them up to become multimillionaires with tax-free wealth at  their disposal.

In order for your child to qualify for a tax-sheltered investment account, they need to have taxable income to begin with.

Get Them an Income

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Invest in a Real Estate Syndication Through a Self-Directed Roth IRA

Now for the hard(-ish) part. Your child will need a self-directed Roth IRA in their name.

Reinvest for Compounding & Infinite Returns

You earn infinite returns when you get your initial investment money back, but keep your ownership in the asset.

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Setting this up for your child as early as possible can have a major, lifelong payoff for your progeny.

The Math to Millions


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