You’ll never guess the hidden meanings behind these houseplants

Some of the world’s most popular houseplants — yes, the very same ones that storm social media feeds and become temporary media darlings — are far more symbolic than you may initially realize.

Snake Plants

The succulent is deeply tied to feelings of strength, positivity, and good fortune. It’s a key reason why so many people place their snake plants in the bedroom and the entries of their homes.

Medium Brush Stroke

They send a powerful message of beauty and charm — and as one of the oldest plants in the world, they’ve done so with great success for centuries.


Money Plants

It’s the type of plant you can set and forget, making it especially appealing to homeowners who don’t quite possess green thumbs. No matter, particularly if your goal is to elevate your fortunes and boost your luck.

Medium Brush Stroke

Because it is also a powerful symbol of fertility, many hopeful people introduce it into their homes for a little extra luck in that area.

Fiddle Leaf Figs


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