Why don’t these 10 famous figures have a biopic yet


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Take notes Hollywood

While Hollywood seems to love making the same movie over and over again, there are still tons of untold stories about amazing people who deserve to have their lives portrayed on the big screen.

We went on a mission to find some of the most epic figures whose lives haven’t been made into biopics yet. We dug through their life stories and searched high and low in the movie archives to see if anyone had already made a film about them.

So, we’ve rounded up ten iconic figures who definitely need their own biopic ASAP. Check ’em out!

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel was a trailblazing figure in both Hollywood and civil rights activism. As the first African-American to win an Academy Award for her role in “Gone with The Wind,” she paved the way for generations of actors of color to come. Despite criticism for playing stereotypical roles, McDaniel used her platform to advocate for the rights of black homeowners and was actively involved in community service. Her personal life was just as dynamic, with four marriages adding to her colorful and fascinating story. A biopic on McDaniel’s life would not only honor her legacy but shed light on the complexities of being a black woman in Hollywood during a tumultuous time in American history.

Theodor Seuss Geisel
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Dr. Seuss

Theodore Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, enchanted generations of readers with his whimsical tales like Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and The Cat in the Hat. But behind the pages of his beloved children’s books, there was a complex and troubled man.

As a staunch perfectionist, Geisel struggled through the Great Depression by creating war cartoons, using his artistic talents to satirize the political climate of the time. His personal life was also marked by tragedy and scandal.

Despite his success, Geisel’s reputation was tarnished by infidelity and his cheating ultimately led to his wife’s suicide. Behind his public persona as a beloved children’s author lay a darker and more complicated reality.

Albert Einstein in 1921
Ferdinand Schmutzer / WikiMedia Commons

Albert Einstein

While there have been documentaries exploring the life of Albert Einstein, a feature film biopic would be an exciting opportunity to dive into the life and work of one of history’s most brilliant minds. As an icon of scientific discovery, Einstein’s story is one of groundbreaking achievement, personal and political struggle, and profound cultural impact.

Einstein’s life was far from one-dimensional. He was a deeply complex and enigmatic figure, with a personality that was as quirky and unconventional as it was brilliant. His marriages and personal relationships were often tumultuous, and his political views, advocacy for pacifism, and Jewish heritage made him a target of anti-Semitism and social upheaval.

Christopher lee

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee was a true Hollywood icon, and his life story is just begging to be made into a biopic.

At the age of 17 he was present for the last public beheading by guillotine. He met the two gentlemen responsible for the death of the mad Russian monk Rasputin and even had an exciting encounter with the author, J.R.R. Tolkien himself in a small English pub; as a young adult fought the Nazis and even hunted escaped Nazis after the war. From his early days as a British spy to his legendary status as a horror movie villain, Lee’s life was full of incredible experiences and achievements.

Theodore Roosevelt
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Teddy Roosevelt

As a larger-than-life figure in American history, Roosevelt led a fascinating and impactful life that was marked by adventure, achievement, and controversy.

He was a skilled hunter and outdoorsman, a Rough Rider in the Spanish-American War, and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese War.

He endured personal tragedies, including the death of his wife and mother on the same day, and he struggled with health issues throughout his life.

A biopic about Theodore Roosevelt would not only be a thrilling adventure story but also a fascinating exploration of American history, politics, and culture.


F. Scott Fitzgerald And His Wife Zelda

Raise your hand if you, too are dying to take a peek into the tumultuous marriage of these two bohemians and the glorious parties they were throwing at the height of the Roaring Twenties.

The author of “The Beautiful and the Damned” and “The Great Gatsby,”  F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald, provide a fascinating case study in character dynamics. Their marriage was famously tempestuous, with Zelda’s mental health issues and F. Scott’s alcoholism exacerbating their struggles.Zelda was ultimately institutionalized, where she attempted to write her own book drawing from her personal experiences.

Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston briefly portrayed the couple in the critically acclaimed 2011 film “Midnight in Paris,” but there is certainly room for a full-length exploration of their complicated relationship.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

Say what you will, but there’s no denying that “Papa” led a truly eventful life that would make for a fascinating biopic. From his time as an ambulance driver in World War I, his bohemian life in Paris, his adventure-seeking time in Cuba or to his exploits as a big game hunter in Africa, Hemingway embodied the spirit of a true Renaissance man.  He also had tumultuous love life with four marriages and struggled with alchoholism and depression.

And let’s not forget his writing! With classics like “The Sun Also Rises,” “A Farewell to Arms,” and “The Old Man and the Sea,” Hemingway revolutionized the way we think about language and storytelling. His prose was spare, elegant, and brutally honest, and it continues to inspire readers and writers to this day.

Clark Gable

Clark Gable

It’s a mystery why Hollywood has yet to produce a biopic about Clark Gable, one of the most iconic figures in the history of cinema. Gable’s journey from humble beginnings in Ohio to being called “The King of Hollywood” is a story ripe for the big screen. In fact, he was so popular in the 1940s that Adolf Hitler put a $5000 bounty on him. During World War II, Gable enlisted in the Army Air Forces and served as a bomber pilot in Europe. He flew numerous combat missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery and service to his country. However, Gable’s personal life was not without its share of tragedy. He lost his true love, Carole Lombard, in a plane crash and never fully recovered after her death. Seriously Hollywood, this is not enough?

ben franklin
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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most fascinating figures of the American Revolution, and his life story is just waiting to be made into a biopic. From his humble beginnings as a printer’s apprentice to his status as a Founding Father and diplomat, Franklin’s life was full of incredible achievements and groundbreaking ideas. He was a prolific inventor, having started creating new things as early as the age of 21. He discovered electricity, for crying out loud, give the man a proper biopic.