Wow, this alleged scammer is really awful


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Do you believe in loathe at first sight?

You are about to experience it. Brace yourself.

Also Karma…lots of Karma.

Let’s all take a seat on the circle carpet and I will spin you the tale of Arna Kimiai…

Once there was a woman named Arna Kimiai. She became famous after a video surfaced of her coughing on and ripping the mask off of an innocent Uber driver in San Francisco back in 2021 (right in the middle of the plague times). The video was taken by the driver and quickly went viral after it was posted to social media and was eventually picked up and televised by national news outlets.

Thus a monstrous star was born.

And now, Kimiai is in the news again and it is still not to receive a Humanitarian of the Year Award like we thought it would be. Nope. She was arrested again.

Seems there once was an oncology nurse known only as Emily. Emily was good and kind as all nurses are, bar none, but one day she began receiving credit inquiries (yes, it’s an ambiguous phrase, so? She’s a nurse not a tax attorney!) and she knew without doubt that she was not applying for new credit. So Emily began to do some investigating…

One of the businesses where someone had applied for credit in her name gave her a cell phone number and that was all it took. She looked the number up and found the name Arna Kimiai.

She googled the name and up came the viral coughing video, but Emily saw something more than hateful behavior.

She saw her former neighbor.

And thus, another arrest warrant was issued for Kimiai. Oh, yes, she was arrested for her coughing fit as well. She goes to court for that in June.

And now she faces federal grand theft charges among many others.

Oh, Karma…thank you.

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