Yes, everything in Australia wants to kill you, including this mushroom


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Why does Australia hate people? It wants to kill us all in horrific ways. A lot of Australia’s toads, spiders, jellyfish, octopuses and snakes are poisonous. Even the ticks cause paralysis. Don’t even get me started on the big stuff. Crocodiles? Great White Sharks? And have you seen kangaroo feet?

It’s simple. Australia wants us dead. And now, there’s a brand new way to die in Australia: By toxic fungus.

Yep, there’s a toxic fungus among us.

The Poison Coral mushroom is a murderer. Previously thought to be found only to Japan and Korea, the murderous mushroom has recently been spotted in North Queensland, Australia, near Cairns.

I’m telling you, Australia wants us dead! Weren’t you listening??

Best of all, the poison coral mushroom is really pretty so that it can lure you in, but do not be fooled into interacting with them at all. Yes they look bright and cheery and fun standing out boldly from the forest floor, but just touching them can mess you up. It is the only toxic fungus who’s toxin can be absorbed through the skin, and if ingested? Well, there’s a long list of issues as you’ll see in the video below, but the best part? It can actually shrink your brain.

Check out more in this video from ABC Australia: