Yes, Gen Z really does hate your Christmas gifts


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The holidays are a time of joy and happiness. But according to the latest data, more than half of us will face another feeling: disappointment. Specifically, the disappointment of receiving an unwanted gift.

Some 52% of Americans surveyed admit to getting at least one unwanted gift over the holidays, totaling roughly 138 million American adults. They say it’s the thought that counts. But if you wind up giving someone a present they don’t want, how much thought did you actually put into it?

What not to buy for someone in 2022

You know when it’s an unwanted present: Your loved one opens it, smiles, stares at you wide-eyed and gleefully says, “You shouldn’t have … ”


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To avoid the awkwardness in 2022, consider steering clear of clothing and accessories. Of those surveyed, 49% said that clothing and accessories were gifts they least like to receive, followed by household items (29%) and cosmetics and fragrances (24%).

With the average adult saying that they receive unwanted gifts worth roughly $60 that means approximately $8.3B will be spent on unwanted gifts in 2022.

Men are slightly more picky

When it comes to who’s getting those unwanted gifts, the sexes are split fairly evenly. Roughly 54% of men say they receive at least one unwanted gift during the holidays compared to 52% of women.

Out of those getting unwanted gifts, clothing and accessories are the most unwelcome present for both sexes: 53% of women and 45% of men. Men (18%) are three times more likely than women (6%) to be given music they don’t want and roughly twice as likely to get unwanted tech (men 22% compared to 9% of women). And the amount being spent on unwanted gifts is vastly different between the sexes, with men ($91) getting unwanted gifts that are more than double the value of women ($42).

Gen Z really doesn’t like your gifts

Gen Z receives far and away more unwanted gifts than any other generation, with 67% saying they’ve received a gift they didn’t want. They’re followed by millennials (57%) and gen X (49%).



Gen Z also has the most spent on them for unwanted gifts, averaging a whopping $105 each. That’s almost 2 times more than what’s spent on millennials ($64) and baby boomers ($54).


Unwanted gifts by region

Those in the northeast (58%) say the get the most unwanted gifts.


Those in the west get the most expensive unwanted gifts at an average of $73.


What happens to all the unwanted gifts?

What are people doing with their unwanted gifts? Open the nearest closet or check under the bed, and you’re bound to find out.

According to our most recent survey, 43% of people just hold on to the unwanted item, 35% regift their unwanted items and 26% exchange them.


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5 easy DIY holiday gifts to start making now


The season of giving is here and if you are worried about holiday overspending, a DIY gift may be the best option. Not sure what to make? Try some of these ideas.




If you’ve got a friend who likes to wind down with a warm bath and glass of wine, this is the perfect gift. All you’ll need is Epsom salts (available at most pharmacies), any scented oil you’d like to use and food coloring. Simply mix the ingredients together with a fork and put the finished product in a decorative jar.


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Have a star home cook on your list? Find out their favorite treat — like cookies, banana bread or pancakes — and grab the required ingredients. Measure out how much of each item they’ll need and then layer the dry ingredients into the jar. You can stack any needed toppings — like chocolate chips, M&Ms or marshmallows — on top. Print out the recipe on a piece of paper, tie it to the jar with a ribbon and you’re good to go!


For the friend who has a candle on almost every flat surface in their home, this is the perfect gift.

You’ll need a candle, which you can either make yourself or buy a pack of small ones. Then, create a heart-shaped stencil and tape it to the Mason jar. Paint around the stencil in their favorite color and let it dry. When you remove the stencil, you’ll have a shaped window for the light to shine through.


The new year is the perfect time to start a new journal, whether it’s a planner, to-do-list-maker or personal diary. Grab some stencils, markers, stickers or glitter and adorn the front of a plain journal with a quote, monogram or design. A gift that doesn’t land you in debt and that they’ll use all year long — you can’t beat that!


If you’re going to go the gift card route — try something a little more creative than an envelope and put the card in a snowglobe you make yourself. Just make sure the card is plastic and won’t get ruined if it’s in water.

To make the snowglobe, you’ll need some mini ornaments, glitter, a Mason jar with a screw lid and a hot glue gun. First, use the hot glue to glue the gift card, standing up, to the inside of the lid. If you want, you can spring for a baseball card holder to protect the card from water (although this isn’t necessary). Pour some glitter into the jar and place the mini ornaments at the bottom. Fill the jar with water, screw on the lid and turn it over, and you’re done!

If you are looking for more ways to save during the holidays, check out more tips to holiday gift without breaking your budget.

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