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Have you already fired up your grill for the season? No? Then let me share with you a great way to kick off the grilling season: Beer-can cabbage.

Sure you’ve tried beer-can chicken, or maybe even beer-can turkey, but the meat shouldn’t be the only one getting in on the booze action on your grill.


Epicurious has a dynamite recipe that is as simple as can be and really delicious. All you need is a fresh head of cabbage (purple, green, Savoy — whatever your personal preference), your favorite beer (I like an IPA, personally), some oil, a little salt and pepper and about 45 minutes. Well, and your grill, obvi.

For you meat lovers, you may want to pair it with whatever protein you’re throwing on the grill, but don’t think you absolutely need that protein. This cabbage is so tasty it can be eaten as a beer-can cabbage sandwich (vegetarians rejoice!).

With the whole summer ahead of us, it’s a great addition to this year’s grilling season.

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