You loved them as a kid, so why not drink adult juice boxes now?


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Adult juice box: Three words that together conjure thoughts of carefree on-the-go quaffing. Who doesn’t fondly remember simpler times, sipping on a Capri Sun Fruit Punch? The iconic stand-up juice pouch that revolutionized the school lunch bag was introduced in the U.S. in 1981. Like Juicy Juice juice boxes, Capri Sun came with its own pointy straw to allow a quick pop-and-sip thirst quenching action. 

History Of Juice Boxes

These drinks exist thanks to aseptic packaging, the technical name for the process that allows beverage companies to process liquids to become shelf stable–both the package and the liquid are sterilized so that they won’t need refrigeration. Tetra Pak aseptic packaging exploded in the 1970’s, allowing huge expansion of creativity in the industry since it protects the contents within from exposure to oxygen, lengthening shelf life and easing shipping costs.

Beverage boxes and pouches provide a cheap, unbreakable, lightweight, cute and colorful, and often recyclable container that allows portability–all you need is your friends, your phones, and some adult juice boxes equipped with pointy straws, and you’re headed for a good time. 

RTD Formats

Unfortunately for the RTD (ready to drink) industry sector, aka the folks who bring you canned and bottled single serve beverages, the American consumer tends to be averse to untraditional packaging. Visit a grocery store in Europe and you’ll see multiple aisles lined with boxed (and unrefrigerated) dairy products and juices. Here in the U.S, pouches seem reserved for large format punches and ready-to-freeze concoctions. We love our boxed wine, but generally prefer it in bulk (except, perhaps, for an occasional Tetra Pak Bandit for camping, or smuggling into the movie theater). That shelf stable  bag-in-a-box technology has become an option for large format RTD’s (the boring name for jumbo, party-sized cocktails in boxes, cans, and pouches) like Drake’s Organic Spirits Boxtails and BarBox, both of which offer distilled spirit-based cocktails in economical 1.75 liter dispensers–just grab a glass of ice and a paper umbrella.

The adorable Lucky Dog Sake in its cute juice box is a rare find stateside, but a common sight in Japan where individual servings of chilled sake are sold everywhere, including out of vending machines at train stations.

The Trouble With Juice Boxes

Other obstacles to the sector exist. In New Zealand, a popular brand of Australian juice-box cocktails were removed from store shelves in Fall 2022 because of concerns they might appeal to children. The tiny 250 ml. Boxtails have been discontinued and will only be available in bulk 2 liter dispensers going forward. 

Back in the U.S., the Distilled Spirits Council recently saw fit to establish a code of responsible practice around what they call “crossover products,” strongly suggesting “the use of packaging and branding that is clearly and easily distinguishable from their non-alcohol beverage counterparts,” to prevent this sort of confusion, for parents, but also for those people who simply are looking for clear communication on their beverage boxes.

DIY Adult Juice Boxes

Luckily, if your pals want to imbibe on the run and are tired of the multitude of available cocktails in cans and bottles, TikTok and Instagram are just loaded with ways to make your own adult juice boxes. Techniques can involve anything from injecting a kid’s juice box with a hypodermic full of hooch, or the big 2021 trend of dumping a bottle of wine (the sweeter, fizzier, and cheaper the better) into a bag of supermarket frozen fruit (bring your own straws) for a giant headache-y pouch of “sangría”. Reusable or disposable drink pouches (with straws!) are widely available for purchase online–be sure to bookmark the ones that look like blood bags for next Halloween. No party could be considered complete without an IV bag full of clarified milk punch to suck on. And, when you run out of medical supplies, just poke a big hole in a box of juice and insert that airplane mini of your favorite spirit you’ve had knocking around. Smirnoff and apple juice anyone?

And if you’re looking for cocktail recipes designed to use in adult juice pouches, look no further than Trap Kitchen: The Art of Street Cocktails which features no less than half a dozen drinks to be served this way including the colorfully named Funk You Up, The LP, Wessside Story, and Mango Marathon.

While the book doesn’t tell you where to find the pouches, we were able to find the pouches on Amazon.

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Vintage booze ads that celebrate summer

These vintage booze ads will make you remember summers gone by

Though it’s been shorts-and-short-sleeves weather for a good few weeks already, this weekend we finally reach the officially decreed beginning of of summer.  It’s time to fire up the air conditioner, finalize vacation plans, and prepare for a few months of non-stop leisure – sipping chilled cocktails by the pool, enjoying an icy cold beer at the ballpark, drinking mimosas on the beach, or swigging straight from a bottle of Rum while sitting beneath a coconut tree.

[Note: Alcohol Professor is not responsible for any concussions received from falling coconuts, should you choose to pursue the latter course of action.]

There’s just a mellow vibe to the summertime months that nothing else comes close to matching.  It’s a season of vacations and picnics, baseball and fireworks – tailor-made for relaxation and reflection.

Liquor companies have long been aware of the emotional appeal of summer, so I decided it would be clever to kill two birds with one stone, and feed my sense of nostalgia while spending a few blessed moments away from the hot sun.   And after trawling through shelves, boxes, and stacks of paraphernalia, it’s my pleasure to present you with these warm-weather selections from my climate-controlled archives!

Beer is, of course, a steadfast summertime standby.  Whether it’s popping open a cold one after mowing the lawn, sharing brews with friends on the patio, or bringing the cooler along for an outdoor adventure, it’s a beverage that’s perfectly suited for the lazy hazy crazy season.

But Beer certainly isn’t the only option: Whiskey can also be a soothing accompaniment to sweltering afternoons and steamy summer evenings.

Vodka’s clean and crisp character makes it another perennially popular option for dog day cocktails, and Smirnoff has smartly capitalized on that phenomenon over the years, offering a variety of ads that capture the casual, carefree elements of the season.

One can also beat the heat while branching out, and sip on something slightly less predictable – say, a fine European-style aperitif.

Though it should be noted that warm weather isn’t always about lying back and let the world wash over you – sometimes it’s preferable to take a more active role, seek some excitement, pursue the perfect wave.  (And then enjoy a celebratory cocktail afterwards.)

And now that I’ve been looking over all these images and dreaming of summertimes past, I’m feeling the need to get outside myself.  It’s time to face the heat, find an ice-cold cocktail, and celebrate the start of a new season!

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Featured Image Credit: Tom Merton / iStock.