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Oh, morning pancakes, how we love your breakfast-y goodness! If only you weren’t so plain … and sometimes ugly. OK, well, at least mine are ugly. 

Am I alone here?

Well, Dancakes are not ugly. They are in fact very cool. 

Let me lay it on you.

Dan Drake was a cook in a small diner in St. Louis, Missouri. At this diner, he began making art out of pancakes (most likely to stave off boredom – isn’t that where most creativity comes from?). He “painted” portraits and landscapes all in pancake batter, and every single one was delicious. Drake began posting his creations to his Facebook page, Dr. Dan the Pancake Man, but the reaction was lukewarm, and the demand was sporadic.

That is, until in 2013 a Reddit post about Drake went viral. It was popular to the point that it garnered national attention and got Drake an opportunity to appear on NBC’s The Today Show

After The Today Show appearance, Drake and his bestie Hank Gustafson (now business manager) officially incorporated Dancakes and became the world’s first pancake art company. And they never looked back, which is good because I’m sure the past is rife with burned, torn and ugly pancakes.

The pair began working events and posting their successes for a rapidly growing social media fanbase. In 2015, they added two more pancake artists to their staff (The company is owned by the three artists and Gustafson equally. How cool is that? And the company continued to grow, as it does to this day.

Drake’s Dancakes are more than pancakes; they are truly works of art. The amount of detail in his work is impressive, and when he adds color to the batter, the landscapes pop. They are kind of unbelievably gorgeous, and from the faces of the Drake’s fans, one can easily see they are delicious as well.

And Dancakes is currently working with manufacturers and retailers on a home Pancake Art Kit, so you can impress pancake art fans all on your own!

Check it all out on the Dancakes Facebook page.

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