Your survival guide to the Black Friday sales of 2023


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It’s the countdown to Black Friday 2023 and the sales are underway. Expect to start seeing brawling over discounted TVs even before the day itself, which is 24 November.

To help you get genuine value out of the sales, and avoid a cupboard full of items doomed for regifting, Finder has produced this 7-step survival guide to the Black Friday sales.

1. Start your shopping research now

When it comes to the Black Friday sales, it pays to be prepared! A wish list could save you from getting caught up and accidentally buying 7 sets of garden furniture when you don’t even have a garden.

Scope out the best sites or shops with the best deals in advance, on the type of stock you want to buy. Do an inventory of clothes, tech or homeware essentials you actually need. Our video covers the discounts from various brands that we’re expecting to see this year.

2. Track your wishlist

Once you have your wishlist, use sites like CamelCamelCamel or PriceRunner to track prices and set alerts to notify you if prices drop. On both sites you can also go back in time and see the price history of your desired item, which will tell you whether the current “deal” is a deal at all.

3. Max your rewards

Turn your spending into extra treats by using a rewards credit card to earn cashback or points on your purchases. It’s also worth having a little rummage around the internet for some promo codes. Check T&Cs in advance, though, as some retailers don’t let you use voucher codes on sale items.

4. Pop it in your basket…then pop the kettle on

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the “buy now or regret it” mentally of the Black Friday sales. A good tactic is to pop your desired items in your basket, then take a little tea break! Most sites will hold items in your basket for 60 mins, some even longer. The absolute worst thing that can happen is you miss out on a deal (that will likely reappear around Christmas, anyway), but you haven’t lost any money.

5. Check the returns policy

Some stores can get pretty stingy with their returns policy around sales time, so check these in advance. If you’re buying online, retailers must give you a refund as long as you let them know you no longer want the item within 14 days of receiving it. You then have another 14 days to return the item.

6. Consider the value of the deal

Getting £5 off a £400 espresso machine isn’t a good deal if you’re not going to use it. And when it comes to tech, the latest isn’t necessarily the greatest (and it’s almost never the cheapest). If you feel yourself getting carried away, revisit your wishlist to keep you on track. And read reviews of last year’s model to make sure you’re actually getting the best version.

7. Shop around

Loads of retailers will be offering different deals across similar, if not the same, products, so shop around. Apple doesn’t tend to offer great deals on its own site, but retailers like Very and Currys, which typically go hard on their Black Friday deals, could have discounts on your desired Apple items.

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