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Are you planning a move abroad? Moving away from your friends and family can be a difficult transition, but creating a moving abroad packing list for the journey can reduce some of the stress. If this describes you and if you’re looking for information about what to take with you when moving to another country, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll be exploring what types of items are necessary when moving abroad as well as providing helpful tips for those who are looking to travel overseas for extended periods of time.

What you should know before starting a moving abroad packing list 

Moving abroad is an exciting and overwhelming adventure. Up to this point, you’ve probably done a ton of research, planned the logistics, and got yourself mentally ready for the big move. Congratulations on getting to this stage of your journey!

When you think about what to take when moving abroad, many considerations can make or break your experience if not planned properly. Planning will help to ensure you’re prepared for what life living abroad may bring.

Here are some helpful tips before you start packing to move abroad:

1. Only take what you truly need – Living abroad poses enough challenges without having to lug around heavy items from home. Think carefully about what you absolutely cannot live without and pack only those items, leaving all else behind.

2. Be mindful of airline restrictions – Airlines have very strict rules on weight allowances per person so always bear this in mind before loading up at least a suitcase with extra belongings that aren’t necessary. In general, the baggage weight allowances from most airlines are around 50 to 70 pounds, so keep that in mind before packing.

3. Research local customs in advance – It’s essential to research the culture of your destination beforehand so you’re fully aware of the cultural norms, appropriate dress codes, and language barriers. Be sure to adjust your wardrobe accordingly, and do your research in advance since it will allow you ample time to shop for particular items should they be needed before departure.

By following these simple steps closely, you can ensure that preparation will be made much easier. You will also be able to ensure hassle-free travel when departing and arriving at your destination points. You will be able to avail yourself of personal comfort, while still abiding by the imposed regulations that are applied internationally.

The golden rules of packing for moving abroad

To make the process more manageable and efficient, follow these guiding rules for your going abroad packing list:

Declutter before packing

This is a great opportunity to reduce the number of items that you need to move with you and simplify what you’ll have access to once you arrive at your new home.

Research the area where you are moving

First, you should become familiar with the weather patterns and temperatures so that you can plan on how much seasonal clothing will be necessary. You should also research the different prices so that your budgeting will become more manageable. And last, make sure to check out the different electrical outlet types to make sure that your electrical gadgets will work fine over there.

Create a list of must-haves

This should include any items or necessities such as phone chargers or first aid kits that should come with you on your trip overseas. You should allocate a dedicated box or bag since these things will become useful when moving around different locations during travel.

Separate items into categories

Putting away belongings based on whether they need to be thrown away or given away will make the organization and transfer process easier. Having them sorted by their category will also help out.

Get good quality luggage

It’s important to invest in durable bags, suitcases, and backpacks for the safe transit of your goods; choose those that are designed for long distances with resistant materials like leather, canvas, or polyester fabric that will be able to take frequent bumps without being damaged easily.

Organize according to needs

Rather than cramming items into one large bag, evenly distribute the weight and size of each different item across different bags by category. Doing this will ensure that you will be able to find things quickly when you need them throughout the transit.

Keeping all this in mind will help make moving abroad more efficient and less stressful. Remember, preparation is key.

Packing for a trip

What to pack when moving to another country

When you’re moving abroad, whether it’s for a few months or permanently, it will require careful pre-planning. Being ready to leave one’s home is no small feat and having the right items in your luggage will make all the difference.

To ensure peace of mind, it’s important to have everything you need packed and ready to go before taking off. Below are some suggested categories for your moving abroad packing checklist when you’re moving to another country:


  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Underwear
  • Coats/Jackets
  • Sweaters
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Accessories (belts, hats, sunglasses)


  • Multiple pairs of shoes for different terrains
  • Closed-toe sandals/shoes with breathable material

Personal Items:

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant)
  • Medications you need to take regularly
  • First Aid Kit (bandages, antiseptic wipes)


  • Suitcases or packs for traveling
  • Your mobile phone
  • Laptop and chargers/cords
  • Camera equipment with necessary cords/chargers
  • Electrical converters if needed


What to ship later when moving abroad

Are you worried that you won’t be able to pack everything you need? Here is a packing list for moving internationally for items that can be left until the last moment, to be shipped later.

1. Books

Filling precious suitcase spaces with books means leaving out valuable essentials such as clothes and toiletries. Consider bringing just your favorite book or two while leaving the rest of your reading list to be shipped at a later time.

2. Bedding

Bedsheets and other bedding items can take up a lot of bag space, so if possible it will be best to leave these to be shipped separately later when you need them. If traveling light is the goal, consider bringing just one set of sheets or buying new ones at your destination, since you might even find something that better suits your tastes.

3. Mementos

Nothing can replace sentimental mementos when moving overseas, but since they’re not essentials, they can be shipped at a later time. This includes things like your favorite mug, gifts from a loved one, or even small trinkets that you own.

4. Photographs

Moving overseas is an emotional time and having photographs of family, friends, and favorite places can bring great comfort in times of homesickness or difficult transitions. Since they’re not needed immediately, these special memories can be shipped later.

Overall, you should take some care when you’re planning what to bring from home – and what items you can ship later, as this can be a great time saver for anyone who is about to embark on a big overseas move. Following this list should ensure that you will be able to travel light and that you won’t take anything you don’t require immediately with you when you’re traveling abroad.

What not to take when moving abroad and why

Figuring out what to pack when moving to another country can be a challenging task, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make. No matter where you want to stay, you’ll want to ensure that your list includes all the essentials and things you care about, while avoiding items that may cause problems with customs or local regulations.

To help ease the burden of packing, here are some common things not to pack when moving abroad:

1. Food & plants

Different countries often have their own rules around what food and plants can cross borders due to health concerns and contamination risks. Unless approved by customs officials upon entry, always leave those home-baked goodies behind.

2. Items under copyright/pirated products

Copyright laws vary widely by country and can lead to onerous fines, confiscation, or even a potential prison sentence. Steer clear of anything that could violate local laws so you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable legal situation.

3. Pharmaceuticals & drugs

Different countries have different regulations around the types of medications prescribed by doctors as well as substances deemed illegal. For pharmaceuticals, make sure to research the country’s laws beforehand and be mindful of the types of prescription drugs you are packing for your move abroad.

In conclusion, figuring out what to bring when moving to another country can be a stressful, overwhelming experience. To make sure that you get off to the best start in your new home, packing a well-considered selection of items is essential, and having a plan for when you arrive may help reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety. With plenty of preparation and thought, there will soon come a time when your life abroad starts becoming not only exciting but addictive – all thanks to the one vital step of forward planning with an effective packing list.

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