Zoo hires Marvin Gaye cover singer to encourage monkeys to ‘get it on’


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Birds do it. Bees do it. But the Barbary Macaque monkeys at the Trentham Monkey Forest in Stafford, England, quite simply will not.

Do it, that is.

That’s a problem for the zoo keepers charged with their care. You see, some Macaques are endangered, so getting them to mate in captivity is an important part of their care at Trentham.

So the zoo keepers went out on a limb, so to speak, and hired a singer. But not just any singer. They hired “The Party Starter” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Singer Dave Largie bills himself as having “the ability to consistently create a party atmosphere, involving the crowd, encouraging sing along, participation and interaction.”

Perfect, right?

Largie took on the gig to help get these macaques in the mood, donning a suit and singing a bit of Marvin Gaye to help our primate cousins “get it on.”

Did it work? Well, we won’t know until late spring or early summer when birthing season starts, but we heard it through the grapevine that there was some sexual healing going on, with the Macaques displaying “lovey dovey” behaviors like grooming and teeth chattering.

Mercy, mercy me!

Here’s the video: