10 can’t-miss adventures in California

Think of just about any type of climate out there. Beaches, mountains, ocean, desert, forest…there are so many to choose from, all with their own charm and appeal.

California has stirred the hearts of many across the years, and it’s home to several of the world’s greatest athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a nature lover’s paradise, and home to more scenic locations than you could hope to visit in a year.


Mankind has been riding the waves on makeshift flotation devices for thousands of years. Though originally used for jobs like fishing, they eventually morphed into a form of recreation and turned into the sport we all know and love today.

Via Ferrata

Generally speaking, a via ferrata is able to give you the views that were exclusive to rock climbing, without needing to exert yourself as much.


Developed in 2012 by a French water craft rider, flyboards rely on pressurized water jets to keep the rider suspended in the air. It’s possible to fly as high as 22 meters (about 72 feet), but it’s not just for letting you fly through the air – you can use it to propel yourself underwater as well.


If you like the Californian views from the ground, you’ll absolutely love them from the air. Skydiving is an exhilarating way to catch a glimpse of the vast landscape while freefalling at a breathtaking 120 miles per hour.

Whitewater Rafting

Back on the water, rafting in the rapids is a surefire way to get your adrenaline pumping. It also offers a unique view of your surroundings, as the land and trees drift by while you float down the river.


Considering the rugged landscape, one of the best ways to explore this state is on foot, sometimes for several days straight with nothing more than the clothes on your body and the pack on your back.

Rock Climbing

There are plenty of other hot spots for climbers to enjoy. Check out the Hoover Wilderness just north of Yosemite for a very remote and mountainous climbing experience.


The perfect combination of air and sea, kitesurfing allows you to fly in the sky and glide across the water. Unlike regular surfing, where you’re limited to the waves you can catch, kitesurfing is fully dependent on air flow.


Might not necessarily be what you originally had in mind. But despite the mild temperatures that are present year round in much of the state, there are still plenty of amazing skiing and snowboarding opportunities during the winter months.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is such a fun way to make your way through the wilderness, offering a unique perspective and more than a couple of thrills.