23 tips for saving big every day

How to save money every day? With a clear eye, cool confidence, and some  clever hacks, you’ve got this. The belt-tightening likely won’t make  life miserable, just more manageable.

Understand Your Spending Habits

Some people are planners and thoughtful spenders; others are more impulsive with money, or have a yo-yo style of spending.

Creating a budget that is tailored to your needs and really works for you is a great step towards saving money daily.

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Build a Realistic Budget Tailored to You

Part of budgeting and saving money involves knowing where your cash goes. Keep a log for up to a month.

Track Your Spending and Expenses Daily

You can make your money go further by being a discriminating shopper and not spending on fads.

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Avoid Buying Items According to Trends


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