27 high-paying, fulfilling jobs for extroverts

We’ve rounded up dozens of fulfilling jobs that pay well and welcome  extroverts. Because sometimes, the grass looks greener elsewhere because  it really is.

Registered Nurse

Primary duties: Provide patient care and education. Patients and  loved ones really appreciate an extrovert’s positive energy and  communication skills.

Medium Brush Stroke

Primary duties: Diagnoses and treats illnesses in patients. Like  doctors, NPs may order prescriptions and procedures to improve the  health of a patient.

Nurse Practitioner

Physical Therapist

Primary duties: Helps injured people with pain, mobility, fitness,  and overall function. Extroverts may enjoy demonstrating exercises and  seeing progress in patients.

Medium Brush Stroke

Primary duties: Practices medicine under the supervision of a licensed doctor. May prescribe medication or diagnostic tests.

Physician Assistant


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