5 companies that offer credit card pre-approval

One way to save a little time and stress when applying for a credit card — and, most notably, protect your credit score — can be to look for companies that offer credit card preapproval.

Card issuers can target people who might be interested in opening an account if they know a special offer is available to them and they’re likely to get the card if they apply. And consumers can shop around for just the right card without damaging their credit score

Capital One

If you’re trying to build your credit, or if you’re looking for a card with rewards, you may find one that fits your goals.

American Express

American Express cards are known for their perks, from spending bonuses to presale ticket access to sports and other events. You may have to wait until your credit score is at least in the good range (for a FICO Score, that’s 670 to 739) to be eligible for a preapproval offer.


Discover also uses a prequalification tool to match consumers with a range of cards — including the Discover it Secured Credit Card for borrowers who want to earn rewards while building or rebuilding their credit, and the Discover it Miles Credit card for travelers with fair to good credit.

Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank offers several different types of preapproved credit cards, with varying rewards and interest rates, including the Platinum Rewards Visa for those with average to excellent credit and the Credit One Bank Wander Card, which may appeal to frequent travelers.


Petal offers two cards — the Petal 1 and Petal 2 — and both are designed to help users build their credit. You can get details about each, and preapproval for one or maybe both without impacting your credit score, through the Petal website.

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