5 surprising ways your check can bounce

We all know that it’s never good to bounce a check, but did you know  that there are multiple means of doing so? Here are five surprising ways  you can bounce a check.

You don’t have enough money in your available balance

Ensure that you have enough money in your available balance to cover  checks that may clear that day. Otherwise, they might bounce.

Your bank has a sample of your signature and if you write it out too  fast, your bank may deem it illegible and bounce your check.

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You forgot to sign the check or your signature is illegible

Your check was filled out incorrectly

Make sure to clearly and accurately write your check’s payee, the date, and the amount in numeric and written forms.

Checks that have been out for more than six months are considered  “stale-dated” and cannot be honored. Payees need to cash checks before  that deadline to avoid bouncing them.

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The check is stale dated


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