51 savvy ways to start saving your money right now

Everywhere you spend money, there are opportunities to save, and most take very little effort on your part.

If you’re looking for easy ways to lower your bills and pocket more of your income, you’ll find a variety of simple ways to establish healthy habits and work toward your financial goals.

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Many utility companies offer you a discount for paying your bill online and receiving paperless statements.

Go paperless

An energy audit can lead to energy-efficient improvements that could potentially save you more than $1,000 per year.

Schedule an energy audit

Be sure to adjust the temperature before you leave and wear appropriate clothing while indoors.

Reduce your usage

You can save $75 per year on your electric bill just by installing Energy Star light bulbs.

Swap your lightbulbs

If you weatherstrip your double-hung windows, you could save $42 to $83 per year.

Install weatherstripping

Consider purchasing blackout curtains. The more you insulate your home, the more you’ll save on heating and cooling costs.

Keep the shades down

Arcadia Power matches you with renewable energy through your current power lines, so there’s no installation cost, and you can actually save money on your energy bill.

Access renewable energy

Prices for service vary so be sure to compare monthly rates across providers for the service you need.

Shop around

Sharing a plan with your family, friends, or roommates can help you save on your monthly cell phone bill.

Opt for a group cell phone plan

Understand the data caps associated with your plan and be careful not to incur any additional fees.

Be mindful of your data usage