6 brilliant bedroom design trends

There comes a time in every 20-something’s life when they start to care about home decor.

Nowadays, there are so many design tools and idea hubs that make it easy to make your space all your own, no matter how young you are or how small your budget is.

Lined Circle

If you have a clean, clear office space in your bedroom, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed by the clutter and be more motivated to work there. Plus you’ll sleep better too.

Home office

Mid-century modern is characterized by clean lines, changes in elevation, and unique shapes. It’s a little funky but still draws in earth tones that keep rooms feeling warm.

Mid-century modern

It can even be as simple as creating a functional corner of your bedroom or purifying the air in your space. The sky’s the limit.

Wellness at home

In Japandi design, your furniture is closer to the earth, and your dressers may not have legs or stands. It’s also about functional yet artful storage pieces and clean lines in your linens and rugs.

Japandi design

Bauhaus is a mix of graphic design, industrial design, and geometric shapes in bold, primary colors.

Bauhaus design

Painting your bedroom green is a great way to make pink furniture and sheets stand out without having to do much else besides swipe on a coat of paint.

Green walls