How to create perfect lighting in your bedroom


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When putting together a bedroom, you remember to include all of the must-haves: the soft, stylish linens, the furniture (like dressers, nightstands, and a reading chair), and of course, a mattress that will help you get a quality night’s sleep.

But what about bedroom lighting—have you considered this as you daydream about your future bedroom?


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You probably prioritize the spots in your home where lighting is essential, such as task lighting in the kitchen or outdoor lighting on your porch—but you might simply view your bedroom as the place where all you do is power down for the night. 

The thing is, a little good lighting can go a long way in your sleeping space.

Amanda Evans of Vancouver, British Columbia’s Amanda Evans Interiors, says lighting is key throughout a home—and that includes the bedroom.

“The bedroom is an area in your home that influences how you sleep, rest, and ultimately, recover for the day ahead,” she says. “The ambiance and feel that you accomplish in this space is key to all those activities, so it’s important to find the perfect balance between natural light, dimmers, accent lighting, and more so they can function throughout the natural progression of the day.”

Layer lighting in your bedroom, like Evans did here. (Image courtesy of Amanda Evans Interiors)

How to achieve the perfect bedroom lighting

Below, Evans shares her top six tips for achieving optimal lighting in any bedroom space.

Layer lighting

When you hear the word “layers” for a bedroom, your bed linens likely come to mind, right? Well, just like how you layer on the blankets when it turns chilly outside, it’s helpful to layer the lighting in your bedroom as well. It’s all about including a combination of lights that suit different needs.

“Layers of light are critical in a bedroom,” Evans observes. “This means having overhead general lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting that can make all the difference and are necessary if you use your bedroom for different tasks.”

Consider bed height

Sure, bed height is important when considering nightstand heights or if you can easily get in and out of bed, but it’s also a factor when setting up bedroom lighting.

Evans points out that buying a mattress, box spring, and metal frame can end up positioning the bed far too high off the ground, which actually can affect the amount of light received.

She says that the optimal height for a mattress off the floor is between 24 and 26 inches, which should be aligned with your nightstands.

Use dimmers strategically

It’s not ideal to sit in a room that’s lit by super-bright lights right before you go to sleep. Dimmers are an excellent choice in the bedroom because they can help signal to the body that it’s time to get some rest.

“When designing a bedroom, whether it’s new construction or a renovation, we always add recessed pot lighting on a dimmer,” Evans says. “This layer of light is great for general lighting when you are getting dressed, tidying up, or other everyday tasks. When dimmed, the overhead lighting illuminates the fabrics and textures and finishes the room with a nice, soft glow when you want to relax.”

Think through window coverings

Although natural light is pleasant during the day, this is the type of light you’ll want to keep out of your bedroom at night.

“Don’t ignore window coverings,” Evans advises. “Proper window coverings can greatly affect sleep quality. It’s best to have blackout drapery—but even well-lined drapery will help reduce the natural light in the room, leading to a better night’s sleep.”

Go beyond a ceiling light

Ceiling lights are pretty standard in bedrooms—but don’t rely on just that light to provide enough illumination for your entire space. In fact, Evans says this is the biggest mistake one can make when it comes to bedroom lighting. 

She emphasizes that one central ceiling fixture won’t provide the right kind of light for a bedroom. Instead, Evans recommends adding layers with table lamps and recessed lighting.

Weave in decorative lighting

After you’ve integrated the practical lighting in your bedroom, like a good ceiling light and recessed lighting, it’s time to bring in decorative accent lighting.

“A beautiful table lamp or wall sconce over the nightstand serves as a decorative piece but also as ambient lighting that is perfect for nighttime when you want to unwind with a good book,” says Evans.

From thinking of lighting as an afterthought to skipping out on rugs, here are the top bedroom decorating mistakes to avoid when designing your sleep space.

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Bedroom design trends we love

Bedroom design trends we love

There comes a time in every 20-something’s life when they start to care about home decor. I remember the moment clearly for me; I loved my roommates, but I was tired of always having to ask other people’s permission for my design choices. But I also never felt like I had enough money to do what I really wanted with my space. 

Nowadays, there are so many design tools and idea hubs that make it easy to make your space all your own, no matter how young you are or how small your budget is. One such place is TikTok, which makes sense since we’re digesting so much content from our devices these days.

Recently, home insurance company GoCompare analyzed trends and data and came out with a list of the top home design trends on TikTok right now, many of which are perfect for the bedroom. 

Here are a few of the design trends popular on TikTok these days and how you can incorporate them into your sleep space. 

JZhuk / istockphoto

The hashtag #HomeOffice on TikTok currently has over four billion views, which makes it one of the most influential hashtags on the app, according to GoCompare. 

Since COVID-19 has changed the way people approach their workspaces, design tips about how to create home offices in small spaces and how to create multi-functional spaces are all the rage. 

One of the worst things about having your home office in your bedroom is the clutter created by excess wires. TikTok-ers have come up with a solution by incorporating wooden wire boxes that keep everything hidden. 

If you have a clean, clear office space in your bedroom, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed by the clutter and be more motivated to work there. Plus you’ll sleep better too.

(Here’s how to make it work when your bedroom doubles as your office.)

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / istockphoto

This came in as the third most-searched home decor trend on TikTok (behind home gyms). Mid-century modern is characterized by clean lines, changes in elevation, and unique shapes. It’s a little funky but still draws in earth tones that keep rooms feeling warm. 

To incorporate this vibe into the bedroom, your best bet is to look for mid-century modern pieces like dressers, nightstands, or vanities (depending on how much space you have). TikTok-ers are noting they’ve found success finding these items at affordable prices at thrift stores and on Facebook Marketplace. 

LEK_3DPHOTO / iStock

Wellness can pretty much mean anything, as long as it makes you feel good. On TikTok, wellness at home usually means fun recipes, skin care tips, or ways to incorporate crystals into your routine. 

It can even be as simple as creating a functional corner of your bedroom or purifying the air in your space. The sky’s the limit. 

(Try these wellness design tips in your bedroom for better sleep.)

dvulikaia / iStock

Japandi design is a fusion between Scandanavian minimalism and Japanese design. In Japandi design, your furniture is closer to the earth, and your dressers may not have legs or stands. It’s also about functional yet artful storage pieces and clean lines in your linens and rugs. 

(See more Japandi design tips here.)

FollowTheFlow / istockphoto

Bauhaus design trends came in at fifth place in the most-searched decor trends on TikTok. Bauhaus is a mix of graphic design, industrial design, and geometric shapes in bold, primary colors. For the bedroom, that could mean getting a statement piece of art to hang above your bed or a bright, geometric design on your comforter.

vuk8691 / iStock

This bedroom trend follows closely behind Bauhaus with more than 14 million views. Painting your bedroom green is a great way to make pink furniture and sheets stand out without having to do much else besides swipe on a coat of paint. Green is also known to be a soothing color, which makes it a perfect hue for your bedtime routine.

Another popular interior design trend right now is based on the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv, or spending time outdoors. Here, you can learn how to bring friluftsliv into your bedroom.


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