About MediaFeed.org

MediaFeed is an independent digital media platform run by experienced journalists and content strategists. We produce, publish and distribute content in a variety of verticals, including travel, money, lifestyle, food, health, small business, auto, entertainment and tech. MediaFeed articles regularly appear on MSN.com and throughout its contributor network.

Meet the MediaFeed team

Michael Schreiber is MediaFeed’s founder and president. He is an Emmy- and duPont-winning journalist and media executive, and has worked with The New York Times, Frontline, HBO, ABC News and NBC News.

Constance Brinkley-Badgett is MediaFeed’s executive editor. She has more than 20 years of experience in digital, broadcast and print journalism, as well as several years of agency experience in content marketing. She has served as a digital producer at NBC Nightly News, Senior Producer at CNBC, Managing Editor at ICF Next, and as a tax reporter at Bloomberg BNA.

Kris Collingridge is MediaFeed’s deputy editor. She has worked as a print and digital journalist and editor for nearly 20 years. She was arts & entertainment editor at Seattle-based news magazine ParentMap, then a producer and editor at MSN, where she drove audience engagement as programmer of the Travel section.

Kaitlyn Farley is MediaFeed’s senior editor. She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, specializing in social justice and investigative reporting. She has worked at various radio stations and newsrooms, covering higher-education, local politics, natural disasters and investigative and watchdog stories related to Title IX and transparency issues.

Interested in partnering with us?

If you’d like to contribute content to MediaFeed, publish content from MediaFeed, or if you’d like help establishing or growing a legitimate editorial operation, email us here.

Companies that partner with MediaFeed.org must adhere to our editorial standards. These include:

  • Original and editorially-sound news content. Content on MediaFeed.org is written and edited by real journalists, columnists or subject matter experts. Articles must be well-researched, well-sourced, well-edited and fact-checked. Content on MediaFeed.org must be originally created by the author, and contain all appropriate attributions when using third-party data and quotes.
  • No marketing of products. The purpose of these articles isn’t to sell a particular service or item from the brand creating the article. That said, articles may include links to books written by the writers of articles or related content on the writer’s website. We may feature product review articles and links to those products on e-commerce sites (like Amazon), but the presence of those links cannot impact the editorial content of the article. The goal is to help establish writers and sites as objective authorities on different subjects, not to sell any particular item.
  • Objectivity. If MediaFeed.org contributors can’t write about something objectively because it may conflict with business interests, then they won’t write about it. For example, the sales team can’t tell the editorial team what to write.
  • Conflicts. MediaFeed.org is a real no-spin zone and all conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, must be declared. (The big news organizations do it, and so must all MediaFeed.org contributors.)
  • No pay for play. No content on MediaFeed.org can favor a particular brand (even the one that produced it) in exchange for any financial benefit. That means, if you’re reading a review of a particular item, the maker of that item didn’t pay someone in exchange for being included in the article.

Have more questions? Email the team directly at info@mediafeed.org.