7 tips for maintaining mental wellness in the workplace

Feeling emotionally drained or stressed at work is directly correlated to distractions in the work environment, lost productivity, and uncertainty about the future.

There are a few more steps you can take to improve your mental wellbeing on the job.

Your mind needs time to rest and heal in the same way that your body does. Taking that time ups your productivity when you do return to work and lowers your risk of physical illness down the line.

Take mental health days

Schedule mental health breaks to take a short walk, read a book, meditate, grab a snack, or whatever helps you relax your mind and body.

Take a break

Talking to a licensed therapist or confiding in a trusted friend or partner can help you process your feelings and diminish stress.

Talk to someone

Workplace relationships play an important role in job satisfaction and mental wellbeing. If you’re working remotely, you might be missing out on those mentally critical watercooler conversations.

Socialize with coworkers

When you’re done for the day, cross the line between work and life and don’t look back until morning.

Draw a bold line between work and life

It’s worthwhile to invest in an ergonomic setup to keep your spine and your spirits aligned and feeling good.

Get comfortable

Beat the stigma by speaking openly and candidly about mental wellness in the workplace.

Talk about mental health in the workplace

By putting mental health first, you decrease the risk of burnout, increase productivity, and improve your physical health.

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