75 of The World’s Weirdest Facts

From laws about tying up your giraffe in Atlanta to a precious metal lurking in your blood, there are endless bizarre wonders you may not know about the world around you – and a few out in the heavens as well.

Tiny tickles

In what must have been the cutest science experiment of all time, neuroscientists discovered that rats laugh when tickled.

Bananas are radioactive

Looking to gain radioactive superpowers? Try a banana! Bananas are very slightly radioactive and are even used to measure doses of radiation. BED stands for Banana Equivalent Dose.

Chicken gender

Researchers found that roughly one in every 10,000 chickens is gynandromorphous, meaning they hatch half-male and half-female.

Resetting the biological clock

Scientists performed an experiment where they shone a bright light on the backs of people’s knees. Those treated with the light had their biological clocks “advanced or delayed up to three hours.”

The school older than Aztec civilization

The Aztecs founded Tenochtitlan in 1325, but there’s a school that predates them. The University of Oxford became a full-fledged university in 1249.

Sleep shuts down sneezing

You can’t sneeze while you sleep. Certain neurotransmitters actually shut down during REM sleep, and your brain can’t receive the signal to sneeze.

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