8 smart-home devices that help fight your fall allergies

Here are some smart devices to consider when looking to avoid allergies at home!

Awair 2nd Edition, $199

The new Awair includes finer dust detection than its predecessor, which is useful if that’s what triggers your symptoms.

The Foobot’s color-driven setup make it easy to understand your air  quality at a glance, while the smartphone app provides greater insight  into each reading.

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Foobot, $199

Blueair Aware, from $350

Whereas the Foobot and Awair need to tap into IFTTT, the Aware can talk  directly to Blueair’s air purifiers, such as the Classic 205.

The AlerSense monitors large and fine particles, VOCs, temperature and  humidity, alerting users with a smartphone app just like the previous  monitors on this list.

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