9 Desserts That Are Even Better in the Air Fryer

Air fryers claim to cut down on the oil and fats in some of your favorite fried foods. You’re most likely to think of using one with things like chicken, fries and other savory foods.


Summer Yule has a sugar-free cookie recipe that uses whole-wheat flour or spelt along with white flour to make the cookie higher in fiber.

Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons blogger Jill adapts her canned biscuit donuts recipe for the air fryer for a quick and easy option.

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Hand Pies

While a whole pie might not fit in your air fryer, hand pies will! These clutchable, enclosed-crust air fryer desserts are another idea you might like to try.

Delectable air fryer dessert churros are another option. It also recommends a chocolate dipping sauce with cream and tangy kefir.

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Fruit Chips

Fruit is a healthy and accessible dessert on its own. Combine it with an air fryer to create fruit chips, and you’ve got some healthy snacking  on your hands.

Air fryer “baked” apple recipes soften the apples rather than crisping them up the way apple chip recipes do.

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"Baked" Apples


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