9 ways single moms can build wealth in 2022

Money touches every vertical of your life. If you are not in control of your finances, this affects your family life because you are stressed, perhaps overworked and distracted worrying about bills.

This time of transition offers a great opportunity to make positive changes. But with so many balls in the air, there is also lots of opportunities to join the majority of Americans and not stick to those money goals.

Look for high-paying jobs and side hustles — near you or online

There are more opportunities than ever before to earn a high income from home — or near you — with a flexible schedule.

Maximize investing — on every single-mom budget

Saving money is so awesome, but investing is where the juice is. After all, if you park all your savings in a checking account or a low-earning savings account at your local bank (as most are these days), your hard-earned money will be flat year after year.

Protect your family with insurance

Life insurance is a big piece of this mom-worry therapy. With enough life insurance, you can rest easy that your children can be cared for financially in the event that you pass.

Get rid of debt and improve your credit

Reducing your credit card, medical, student and car loan debt means fewer bills and less money wasted on interest rates.

Slash spending and get that single-mom budget together

The higher my income, the greater my net worth, the less stuff I want.

Start an emergency fund

Create a plan to build up a cash account that will save your butt in the event of unemployment, a natural disaster or otherwise being displaced, a major medical event or any other unforeseen financial event.

Change your single-mom money mindset

The most important thing you can do to change your financial life is to change your financial mind. How and what you think and believe establishes what happens in your bank account.

Focus on money role-modeling for your kids

Like it or not, your kids are watching. Lecture them all the livelong day about the importance of saving, budgets and investing.

Find cash now to get started

Chances are, you have stuff you don’t want, need or use, and that stuff is not only costing you money to store — it could make you money to sell it.

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