9 ways single moms can build wealth in 2022


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Whew, it’s 2022, baby! If you’re like me, you set some resolutions, goals and milestones to hit in this new calendar year. This might include fitness, relationships (start dating again, maybe?), self-care like travel, read more books, get the kids on a chore schedule, making more money, or start investing to build wealth.


If you are like 84% of Americans, you had financial goals last year, according to a NerdWallet survey of 2,000 U.S. adults. Unfortunately, that same survey found that one in five people abandoned their money goals within two weeks, and more than half failed to reach some or all of their resolutions. … and this in a time when we all need to prepare for a recession.


There is a reason I blog primarily about money on this site and in my book (though I do love writing about dating!). Money touches every vertical of your life. If you are not in control of your finances, this affects your family life because you are stressed, perhaps overworked and distracted worrying about bills. You are more likely to argue with your kids’ dad, which affects your co-parenting.


Money affects the men you seek out and attract, too. I have heard countless stories of very smart women moving in with all the wrong guys because they were tired of being stressed about rent.


Money affects your physical well-being (less money means you are more likely to eat unhealthy food, pass on a gym membership and checkups, and suffer all the negative side effects of anxiety).


When you don’t have enough money or feel that you don’t have enough money, you lose your power. If you are like most single moms I know, you are going through a lot of life changes — your romantic life, family situation, living arrangements and relationship with yourself are all in flux.


So is your money.


This time of transition offers a great opportunity to make positive changes. But with so many balls in the air, there is also lots of opportunities to join the majority of Americans and not stick to those money goals.


Here is your guide to locking down some practical financial resolutions, sticking to those goals and up-leveling into 2022 and beyond!

1. Look for high-paying jobs and side hustles — near you or online

When you are broke or want more money for whatever reason, the first and natural thing to do is slash expenses. That is great, and you should do that. But the best and biggest way to have more in your pocket is to earn more. After all, if you focus on clipping $1 coupons for paper towels, the best you can do is save $1. If you focus on earning and growing your career, the sky is the limit!


Building a career or business is the best thing you can do for your finances, your mental health, your parenthood and your future! Here is a rundown of high-paying careers you can do from home.


There are more opportunities than ever before to earn a high income from home — or near you — with a flexible schedule.


Our top job board pick is FlexJobs, a paid job board that allows you to find remote, telecommute, at-home and other flexible career-level positions. Read our FlexJobs review.


Or consider a job as a work-at-home bookkeeper, which can earn $75-plus an hour. Learn more about bookkeeping in this post, or check out the top online bookkeeping course, Bookkeeper Launch, which teaches you everything you need to know about being a bookkeeper, finding clients and growing your business.


Proofreading is another great, in-demand career you can do at home. Proofread Anywhere offers a free Intro to Proofreading Workshop to find out if you have what it takes to be a proofreader. The great news is these workshops are on-demand.


Need income now while you consider all the ways single moms can make money? Steady app has helped more than two million people find quality gigs and jobs, earn bonuses and manage their finances.

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2. Maximize investing — on every single-mom budget

Saving money is so awesome, but investing is where the juice is. After all, if you park all your savings in a checking account or a low-earning savings account at your local bank (as most are these days), your hard-earned money will be flat year after year. Meanwhile, inflation means the cost of keeping yourself and your children alive goes up 2-4% each year. Never mind that you likely want to grow your quality of life, too!


That is why investing your money in the stock market is so important. Over the last century, stock market returns have averaged 10%. In other words, if you don’t actively invest and grow your money, you are actually losing money.


You don’t understand the stock market? Feel intimidated and stupid when it comes to investing (even though you are smart, successful and confident in the rest of your life)? Join the club. Most women do — including me! Wall Street, dominated by men, wants you to feel stupid so you’ll hand over your money to brokers and advisors — again, overwhelmingly bros — whom you will pay a lot of money to manage this money. I wrote this post to help women like you understand investing basics and feel confident in picking a company. In return, you can learn how to fund and plan to safely invest your hard-earned income for retirement, a home, your kids’ college or whatever your goals are. Because you deserve that kind of security.


Ellevest is our recommended investment tool. Designed specifically for the life stages of women, this robo advisor comes with a free financial planner, a personalized investment portfolio that is tailored to your unique financial situation and goals, and free online workshops, email courses, on-demand webinars, and video resources to help you learn about finance and career advancement, all for $1 a month. Read more in our Ellevest review, or get started with your free financial plan now.

3. Protect your family with insurance

This post is designed to free you from worry: worry about making rent, worry about whether your car will break down and you won’t have enough cash to make repairs, worry that you will be stuck in debt forever.


This post will not absolve you from all worry. You know why not? Because you are a mom. Moms worry. We do. But I can help you reduce your worry, including that horrible fear that something will happen to you, and as a single mom, you are your kids’ primary caregiver.

Get life insurance

Life insurance is a big piece of this mom-worry therapy. With enough life insurance, you can rest easy that your children can be cared for financially in the event that you pass. Bestow is a really cool company that allows you to apply for and buy term life insurance entirely online and with a guarantee of no medical or lab exams. Bestow offers policies that start at $10 per month, for a $50,000, 10-year policy for a healthy 30-year-old non-smoker. Learn more in our Bestow review.

Get renters’ insurance

What would you do if your home was broken into? Flooded? Suffered a fire? Renters’ insurance is very affordable and can save you from financial ruin.


This post gives details about how renters insurance works and where to find quick and affordable coverage.

Compare home and auto insurance rates

Compare rates among different lenders for auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and other insurance products you buy. I recommend Insurify, which lets you compare prices for more than 40 carriers:

  • Insurify customers save an average of $489 a year on their car insurance.
  • For auto, home, life, or renters insurance
  • Compare 10-plus quotes from national and regional insurance companies in two minutes.
  • Buy your policy online or over the phone in 5 minutes.
  • Insurify’s CEO and founder, Snejina Zacharia, started the business in 2013 by way of a pitch competition at MIT — one of the few female founders in the fintech space.

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4. Get rid of debt and improve your credit

Reducing your credit card, medical, student and car loan debt means fewer bills and less money wasted on interest rates.


Start by applying for a 0% balance transfer credit card. Improving your credit score and history means more options and more control: With a high credit score you can get a car note or qualify for a mortgage, business or student loan, all of which could dramatically improve your family’s lives. In addition, investigate your options for refinancing your student debt at a lower rate.


Here is my step-by-step guide for how to pay off debt for good, as well as an easy recipe for how to repair your credit score fast, securely and affordably.


If you want to see credit results fast, try Experian Boost, a free tool that can instantly boost your FICO credit score. Average boost users see a 13-point increase.

5. Slash spending and get that single-mom budget together

Here is something surprising I recently learned about myself: The higher my income, the greater my net worth, the less stuff I want. Yes, I enjoy a beautiful home, nice clothes and jewelry, and enjoy good food. But the fewer items I own, the happier I am. I like my closets and drawers and cupboards occupied only by items I use and enjoy. The less crowding in my fridge, the more I enjoy the meals and snacks I have. The waste of uneaten food stresses me out! Everything else must go. Bonus? Less stuff means more money!


Here’s more on how to create a single-mom budget you can stick to, including tools like You Need a Budget, a spreadsheet-based app that helps you pay off debt, create a budget and set and reach all your money goals. Try YNAB’s 34-day free trial now.

6. Start an emergency fund

Do you have at least 3 months’ living expenses in a savings account? No? Create a plan to build up a cash account that will save your butt in the event of unemployment, a natural disaster or otherwise being displaced, a major medical event or any other unforeseen financial event. Even a car repair can undo you, financially.


The value of this savings account is one part practical, one part emotional (you will feel better each and every day knowing this money is safe and available), and one part spiritual. After all, you make better, wiser decisions from a place of power when you are not afraid. Money in the bank relieves fear. Jump-start your savings by selling old gold and jewelry that you no longer need. CashforGoldUSA is A+-rated by the Better Business Bureau, pays within 24 hours and was found by a Fox Business News investigation to pay three times what its competitors pay.

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7. Change your single-mom money mindset

The most important thing you can do to change your financial life is to change your financial mind. How and what you think and believe establishes what happens in your bank account. The first and most critical step to earning more, saving more, investing more and spending and stressing less about money is to renovate what happens between your ears.


If you are stuck in broke, there are likely limiting beliefs specific to single motherhood that are spiraling in your mind. I have struggled with many of these. I have heard time and again (and again!) from moms on this blog and social media: “I’m a single mom, and single moms are broke. Of course I’m poor!”


Reality: Yes, statistically, single moms are poorer than married moms. But you are likely telling yourself that story (and it is indeed a story) based on decades of media portrayal of single mothers as downtrodden and struggling. There are also countless stories of both down-and-out married moms as well as thriving, affluent, self-made single moms. The beauty of living in 2022 as a woman is that, compared with the sexism our grandmothers and even mothers faced, we have endless opportunities to earn and invest.

No more “I’m a single mom and I need money”

Here is a common money story single moms tell themselves: I need to sacrifice and struggle and overcompensate for the fact that my children are from a broken home.


Reality: What’s with the martyr syndrome, mama? Not a good look! Focus on earning big, spending little and maximizing quality time with your kids. Studies find that financial stability and a thriving mom are two of the biggest factors when it comes to successful child development.


Other ways to improve your money relationship: stop overspending on your kids (they really don’t need much) and focus on creating positive relationships for your kids, yourself and the whole family. Kids thrive not because their home looks like the Cleavers’, but because they are safe, cared for and understood. You can control all of that, but first, you have to decide to do those things.


What to do:

  1. Write down your limiting beliefs when it comes to money.
  2. Write down where these ideas came from. Who told you you are bad with money, or that you have to martyr yourself? What was your earliest memories of a single mom? Was she thriving, or struggling?
  3. Get therapy if you want. No shame at all! Online therapy is a great option, especially for busy single moms, since online counseling apps like BetterHelp allow you to choose from thousands of certified, licensed counselors, totally anonymously.
  4. Think about who your support system is. Do these people set big goals, and actively work towards them? Do they support your dreams and goals? Even the wonderful people who love you most may not be your money tribe. You can meet and be inspired by other, big-thinking and ambitious single moms who will change your paradigm at Facebook.com/groups/millionairesinglemoms.

Avoid temptation to focus on getting more alimony or child support, which are finite, negative and ultimately hold you back. Instead, my research found that moms who share parenting time equally are more likely to earn more and feel better about being a mom.

Working mom

8. Focus on money role-modeling for your kids

Like it or not, your kids are watching. Lecture them all the livelong day about the importance of saving, budgets and investing, but if your children see you living beyond your means and spend frivolously, one of two things will happen:

  1. They will repeat your bad habits, or;
  2. They will grow up to have better money habits, and resent your bad ones. Especially if you are now financially dependent on your kids because of those bad habits, which they now feel pressure to care for.

Instead, involve your kids on your money journey. Set them up on an allowance system. In this post, I elaborate here on what we do at my house with spend/save/give jars, as well as share my guide to teaching kids about money. Talk to them about the importance of money for security, including all kinds of insurances. Set a family money goal — say, an ice skating outing (which my kids have been nagging me about for weeks). If the event costs $50, find ways to save money (sell unused items, skip a weekly ice cream treat) to save up for it. Get creative and pay attention to what excites your kids — and you!


When my friend Blake was growing up, his family made a game of seeing how low they could get the monthly electric bill. This is something I think will go over well at my house, as both my son and I are passionate about green living. Not only do these measures teach your kids important, core skills, but they keep you motivated and on track, too. Plus, it relieves guilt since you know you should be a good money role model for your kids.

9. Find cash now to get started

Not sure where to start? If you already have a job, here is my guide to asking for and getting that raise.

​​Six household items to sell for quick cash

There are an estimated 300,000 items in the average U.S. home, according to a Los Angeles Times article, and self-storage construction is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the real estate industry, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Chances are, you have stuff you don’t want, need or use, and that stuff is not only costing you money to store — it could make you money to sell it.


Here are some of the most lucrative things to sell:

  • Jewelry. Old engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, estate and antique jewelry, you name it — if it is made of diamonds, gemstonesgold or platinum, send it to CashforGoldUSA, an A+ BBB-rated gold buyer that pays a 10% bonus and sends payment within 24 hours. Read more about top places to sell jewelry online.
  • Coin collections, as well as silverware, or other scrap gold or silverPawnshops and jewelers are good places to start.
  • Pokémon cards are super-hot right now as Millennials dust off their childhood collections, driving prices and interest through the roof. According to Newsweek, TCGplayer, one of the main Pokémon card resellers online, shipped more than 16.2 million single Pokémon cards in 2020, and the number of cards priced at more than $50 rose 466% in that time. Some go for more than $2,000. Sell via:
    • eBay
    • Troll and Toad
    • Cardmarket
    • Card Cavern
    • TCGplayer
    • Facebook Marketplace
  • Furniture. Whether it is old items in your basement or attic or a few inherited items you don’t really love or use, sell them via Facebook Marketplace, a yard sale, Craigslist or, if it is a marked item or notable brand, a site like 1stDibs or Chairish. Local consignment stores are also a good place to sell furniture.
  • Clothes. Gently used clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes can be sold through top online sites like ThredUpMercari, and Poshmark.
  • Household items. Kitchen goods, dishes, yard tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, bikes and more can be unloaded for cash through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or a yard sale.

mom and kids

Five ways of renting out stuff you own to make money

  1. ZipCar: Maybe you don’t like driving or you have a car that you don’t drive a lot. ZipCar lets you rent out your car for other people to drive. In most cases, you can make a nice second income by renting out your car. It’s also possible to rent a car through ZipCar to work another side gig, like driving with Uber.
  2. Turo: Much like ZipCar and GetAround, Turo lets you rent out your car to other people. Typically, if you live near an airport, you’ll have plenty of businesspeople that need a car for the weekend. “Hosts” — as Turo calls those who rent out their cars — have access to a mobile business app to manage their trips and pricing.
  3. GetAround: Another great way to earn some cash by renting out your car. Don’t let your parked car sit and collect dust, make money off of it! Manage your calendar and rentals through the website or app.
  4. Airbnb: If you have a spare room or guest house, rent it out. Thanks to expensive hotel rates, Airbnb has exploded. Put a mint on those pillows and enjoy some extra money for letting people sleep in your spare beds. Manage your entire hosting business through the app.
  5. VRBO: VRBO is another popular website for renting out your home or vacation home. The VRBO Owner app is specifically for hosts.

Six ways to make money tutoring and teaching online

  1. HAWO American Academy: Help English learners in China through video tutoring. Perks are a flexible schedule, working from home, a fun job (if you enjoy teaching!), weekly pay, and a high hourly rate. Qualifications are the standard U.S. bachelor’s degree in any field or being currently enrolled as an education major in a university, and any experience teaching or tutoring. You will teach your lessons through the web interface.
  2. VIPKid: VIPKid is an online tutoring service, but it has a unique twist. It provides international learning for children in China between the ages of 4 and 12. It offers one-on-one English lessons. If you have a love of teaching English, it’s a great way to earn a side income. The VIPKid Teach app allows you to manage your lessons and sessions.
  3. Udemy: Teaching is a great way to earn money, and thanks to the Internet there are plenty of ways that you can share your knowledge online. If you have some technical skills, you can use Udemy to share it with the world and earn extra cash. Whenever anyone purchases your course, you get paid.
  4. Wyzant: Tutoring is an excellent way to help students and also earn some extra cash on the side. Wyzant lets you create a free profile and search for tutoring jobs in your area. The service offers traditional school subjects, but there are also more specialized jobs, such as web-design tutoring. Tutors have access to the mobile app Tutor on Wyzant to manage their lessons and business.
  5. Chegg Tutors: Chegg is similar to the other tutoring sites, except these tutoring sessions are all online. You can help tutor students virtually. You log in when you have free time to tutor and Chegg pairs you with students looking for help in particular subjects.
  6. iTalki: Learning a new language can be difficult. That’s where iTalki comes in. It’s a site that helps connect students to native-language-speaking teachers. If you want to teach English, iTalki is one of the best places to get paid for your services. It will connect you to students across the globe and manage all of the international payments for you. Teachers can manage their profile within the iTalki mobile apps.

Six second-income ideas with delivery services

  1. UberEATS: Instead of shuttling people around with Uber, depending on where you live, you can deliver food for customers. You won’t work with one specific fast food outlet. Customers can order from just about any restaurant and you’ll deliver the food. Manage your deliveries within the Uber Driver app.
  2. AmazonFlex: Everyone is shopping on Amazon now. The company has started outsourcing its package delivery, and that’s an excellent way for you to earn money. You don’t have to drive people around, you only have to deliver packages. The AmazonFlex app lets you find gigs quickly and easily.
  3. Postmates: Postmates used to be a competing app to UberEats, which has since been purchased by Uber. You can sign up to be a Postmates driver through UberEats.
  4. GrubHub: Delivering with GrubHub works much the same as delivering for UberEats. All you need is a car (or bike in some areas), a valid driver’s license, car insurance and a smartphone to get started. Use the app to manage your deliveries.
  5. UPS Personal Vehicle Driver: If you’re interested in making some extra cash delivering packages on a flexible schedule, you can apply to become a Personal Vehicle Driver with UPS. Drive your own car on your own schedule to make deliveries and extra money.
  6. FedEx Express: Like UPS, FedEx offers flexible employment options for people looking to work for the company on a flexible basis. FedEx Casual Couriers deliver packages according to their schedule, while FedEx Casual Handlers work on their own schedule to pack trucks and handle packages.

14 ways to make a second income with odd jobs and tasks

  1. Gigwalk: This is a unique way of earning money. Gigwalk members can post a variety of different jobs, everything from seeing if products are stocked to collecting data. You can get gigs based on your ZIP code and find gigs right on the app.
  2. Craigslist: I’m sure you’ve heard of Craigslist. You may have even bought something off of it. But it’s also a great place to find some freelance work.
  3. TaskRabbit: Looking for work in your own neighborhood? Have some handyman skills or willing to do some yard work? This is the perfect site for you. Workers can find gigs on the Tasker by TaskRabbit app.
  4. NeedTo: Another place to find random freelance work, anything from web design to washing dishes.
  5. Zaarly: The description on the Zaarly homepage says it all: “Hire local, hand-picked home services.” Add your skills to the site and just wait for the requests to come in!
  6. SnagAJob: This website lets you browse through thousands of hourly jobs. You can browse a variety of different industries and see if anything part-time would work for your needs. You can use either the website or the SnagAJob app to find work.
  7. SimplyHired: There are plenty of people looking for qualified candidates, but finding the perfect second job can be difficult. That’s where SimplyHired comes in. The SimplyHired app makes it easy to find work right from your phone.
  8. The Source: If you don’t mind doing a little driving, becoming a field agent with The Source is a simple way to earn extra cash. All that you have to do is visit a project location and complete an evaluation as a mystery shopper. You’ll get paid twice a month.
  9. 360 Intel: Mystery shopping is not a new idea, but it’s an excellent way for you to go shopping and get paid to do it. Restaurants and shops will pay for “mystery customers” to come in, shop and then tell them about their experience. 360 Intel was formerly known as Goodwin Hospitality.
  10. Fiverr: The freelance community has never been bigger. There are plenty of people out there looking for talented people to finish up some work for them. Fiverr has freelance jobs for just about any profession, from musician to web analyst. You can manage your entire business right from the app.
  11. UpWork: If you have some technical skills, like admin support or design, you can find some excellent freelance jobs. Download the UpWork for Freelancers app to find gigs.
  12. MediaBistro: This site specializes in freelance jobs in the media field. These includes marketing, sales, PR, television, and much more.
  13. 99Designs: This is a freelance site that specializes in design work.
  14. Contently: Another freelance site that lists jobs for videographers, photographers, and researchers.

Three sites to find babysitting, elder care, pet sitting and housekeeping jobs

  1. Care.com: If you enjoy spending time caring for people, you can turn the passion into money. Care.com has jobs for child care, daycare, caregivers, pet sitters and much more. You manage it all through the Care.com app.
  2. Rover: Rover lets you get paid to walk dogs or check on them in the middle of the day. It’s easy to get started with their site. Get paid to pet dogs, what could be better?? It’s easy to find and manage your gigs in the Rover app.
  3. DogVacay: This is the nation’s “largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers,” which means there is probably a job opportunity somewhere near you. DogVacay has been purchased by Rover and is in the process of being integrated into the company.

Three sites to find part-time typing and transcription jobs

  1. TDEC: Data entry is a popular occupation for anyone who’s looking to make money online. TDEC is hiring data-entry specialists at their various locations in dozens of states.
  2. Scribie: If you’re a fast typer, working at Scribie is an excellent option for you. All you have to do is watch a video and transcribe the audio. You can get paid anywhere from $5 to $20 per hour.
  3. MegaTypers: This is another data-entry site that offers a variety of services to its clients. If you work with MegaTypers, you could be entering data or transcribing voice to text. The faster that you type, the more you’ll earn.

This article originally appeared on Wealthy Single Mommy and was syndicated by MediaFeed.org.

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Simply put, passive income is money you earn that doesn’t require you to do a lot of “active” work. Our regular salary requires that we work for a company 9-5: this is active income. On the other hand, the dividends you earn on the money you invest in the stock market count as passive income, because you don’t need to work for the dividends.

People who achieve financial independence will tell you that passive income streams are the key to success. Passive income can free you up from the daily grind of work so you can focus on what you truly enjoy while still generating income.

Here are the best passive income apps that you can use to make money this year.



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Survey Junkie Pulse is one of the best passive income apps that you can use to earn side income without much additional effort. By automatically sharing your digital browsing behaviours with Survey Junkie through their Pulse program, you can easily earn passive income. Survey Junkie Pulse is run by Survey Junkie, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the consumer insights platform DISQO.

Browsing behaviours are used for market research purposes to analyze how various consumer groups behave. Secure information — such as passwords or credit card details — is never collected, and personally identifiable information is masked by encryption. Check out Survey Junkie’s resource here to understand how insights are shared.

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So far, Ibotta has credited $1 billion to savers. Join millions of users that are saving and earning cash back on every purchase!

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Using a cash-back credit card is probably one of the oldest ways to earn passive income.

If you are looking for a Canadian credit card, you may want to consider signing up for the no-fee Tangerine Money-Back credit card. It is my primary credit card that offers cash-back on every purchase, including 2% for three categories of your choice. I use the card on a daily basis, and I cannot recommend it enough.

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Worried that you may not have enough credit history to get a cash-back credit card? Don’t worry, you can use a secured credit card, such as the OpenSky Secured Visa credit card or Group One Freedom Platinum Card, to build your credit history.




Rakuten, formally known as Ebates, is another popular online cash-back shopping site in the US and Canada.

Using Rakuten is very simple. All you need to remember is that if you want to make an online purchase, you go to Rakuten’s website first, from where you select the desired merchant. Rakuten will then automatically redirect you to the merchant’s official website. Alternatively, you can also install their browser extension (which is what I did) and you will be notified whenever a cash-back or a bonus offer is available.

Rakuten has more than 2,500 stores from a wide array of categories listed, including many well-known brands like Dell, Walmart, Chapter-Indigo, and Amazon.

I have been using Rakuten since 2016, and have always remained a happy member!

If you are in the US: sign up here.

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An alternative to Rakuten is Honey, which is a subsidiary of PayPal. Honey is a browser extension that can easily help you find coupons online. It also automatically helps you apply the coupons to your purchases so you can always get the best deals!

Sign up for Honey today and get 500 Gold ($5 free cash) with your first qualifying purchase!




The SmartyPlus membership is your perfect online shopping companion. You can get savings, protection, and convenience at all of the stores you know and trust. You can get $15 cashback on your first purchase, PLUS get up to 10% cash back with double rewards on future purchases!

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fizkes / istockphoto


Opening a high-interest savings account is an easy way to make some passive income. Chequing accounts from major banks nowadays earn barely any interest, so your best bet would be to open one with an online bank.

If you are in the US, I recommend that you check out First Citizens Bank’s free online savings account. Read my First Citizens Bank review here!

If you are in Canada, I recommend that you check out EQ Bank. This bank offers one of the highest interests in all savings accounts in Canada, and the money is accessible at any time. In addition to regular savings accounts, EQ bank also has registered accounts such as TFSA and RSP.

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Investing your money is an easy way to make some passive income. Not only do you benefit from capital appreciation (aka. price increases), but you can also benefit from dividend payouts. Both of these sources of income are purely passive.

Acorns is the leading micro-investing app in the U.S. It is a super easy-to-use app that enables you to invest your life’s spare money. You only need under 5 minutes to sign up, and there is no minimum investment required. You will be investing in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds, and watching your money grow effortlessly. Acorns is suitable for anyone, even beginners, who are looking for a relatively easy solution to grow your money.

For a limited time, Acorns is offering a $20 bonus when you make your first investment. Sign up directly for Acorns here, or check out my Acorns review to learn more!




Using Swagbucks is a semi-passive way to make money online. You can earn points, called SBs, by completing short tasks. They include shopping at your favorite store, searching the web, answering surveys, watching videos, or playing games. Yes, you read it right. You can play video games and make money at the same time!

The payouts of the tasks differ based on the difficulty of the tasks. You can then use the points to redeem for retailer gift cards or cash via PayPal.

An interesting feature of the Swagbucks prizes is that they go on sale too! They have days when they offer 20 – 25% off select rewards. You may want to wait to redeem gift cards on one of these days and get a bigger bang for your buck!

If you’d like to learn more about Swagbucks, check out my complete review on Swagbucks!

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A great alternative to Swagbucks is KashKick. KashKick will deposit cash directly into your PayPal account for all the fun money-making things you are doing online!

Doing online surveys is the best way to earn cash on KashKick. Of course, other earnings opportunities, such as finding great deals, surfing the web, and watching videos, are also available.

Check out my comprehensive KashKick review to learn more!

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Mistplay is a wonderful Android app that allows you to play games and make money. It is as easy as downloading the app on your Android phone, playing games, earning Mistplay units, and cashing out on gift cards!

If you are in the US: Sign up for Mistplay here.

If you are in Canada: Sign up for Mistplay here.




Whether you prefer casual Texas Holdem Poker or competitive tournaments, Zynga Poker is your home for authentic gameplay. You can compete at the traditional 9-person table or the new 5-person table for faster play.

There are tons of opportunities to earn free chips. You can get a welcome bonus of 60,000 FREE chips just for downloading your new favourite poker game! Plus, you also have a chance to win a daily bonus of up to $45,000,000 in in-game money!

Sign up for Zynga Poker today to challenge your friends to fun poker games, or meet new friends online!




Sweatcoin is the #1 fitness app in many countries based on its ranking on the App Store and Google Play. The app allows users to earn sweatcoin when they walk or run inside and outside.

You get 0.95 sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps you take and can redeem them for cash (via PayPal) or rewards (gift cards, fitness products, Apple watches, FitBit, music downloads, etc.). They also pay you 5 sweatcoin for every friend you refer to the app.

Sign up for Sweatcoin today to start getting paid for walking!


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It takes a ton of hard work and dedication to shed a few pounds. However, if you already want to lose weight, why not gamify the process and use HealthyWage?

The concept of HealthyWage is simple: you make a bet on how much weight you can lose. When you achieve your goal, you win real money!

Of course, keep in mind that you should lose weight in a healthy manner. Never go to the extremes to win prize money. It is never worth it.

Sign up for HealthyWage today!


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Want to earn some passive income by advertising on your car? Stickr is what you are looking for. Drive your normal routine but with an advertisement in your back window, and you will earn a healthy side income without much work! Sign up for Stickr here!

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If you enjoy writing like me, you may want to start a blog. Although creating a blog does require some active work in the beginning, as your audience grows, your blog will become a great stream of passive income for you. For example, I have started generating a healthy side income from ads (I joined ezoic ad network), affiliate marketing (I see the best results from Aragon Premium), sponsorships, freelance writing opportunities, and more.

Of course, starting a blog requires some tools. Here are the blogging tools I use:

  • Bluehost: perfect for beginners who want to upgrade from a free platform (so you can start monetizing) but who also want to minimize spending. Check out my Bluehost review to see why I chose it as my first hosting company. Sign up for Bluehost here.
  • NameSilo: One of the most economical registrar and hosting companies out there. I stumbled upon this company and have been very happy with the service. It is my current registrar. Use promo code “bellawanana” at check out to get a special discount! Sign up for NameSilo here.
  • SiteGround: This is my current hosting company. It is more expensive than Bluehost, but I like it for its SiteGround optimizer plugin, the free email accounts, and the better speed with my site. Sign up for SiteGround here.
  • Ezoic: This is the ad network I have joined. It pays quite a bit better than Google AdSense. Sign up for ezoic here.


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Renting out what you already have, such as a spare room or a car you don’t drive often, could also be a good idea if you want to generate passive income. Using passive income apps such as Airbnb (for rooms) and Turo (for cars). You can even consider getting a roommate if interested.




There you have it, the best passive income apps you can use to help you generate some side income effortlessly. Most of these endeavours only require some minimal initial setup, and you can watch your money grow while you sleep or enjoy whatever you are interested in doing. What’s not to love about these passive income apps?


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