Need money help? Get advice from these money gurus

Financial influencers can inspire, educate and motivate. It is empowering to find someone who provides insights and tips relevant to your personal financial journey.

We’re highlighting Black personal finance influencers who use their expertise, unique perspectives and diverse experiences to empower others in conversations, habits and decisions around money.

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Nadia C. Vanderhall 

She motives her followers to know their financial objectives and think of savings as building liquidity and a cushion for when the unexpected happens.

Rianka R. Dorsainvil

She tackles setting boundaries with your budget and with friends and saving for retirement (when you don’t have a corporate job), as well as a few other financial topics.

Francis Kway and Jehu Graham of Cheat Code

They’re committed to sharing their knowledge on social media in a way that inspires — and educates people.

Trae Bodge of

She’s all about helping consumers save money for a rainy day while getting the best value from their purchases.

Anjie and RJ Muhammad 

They want to help couples eliminate debt, save money and invest for their future.