8 awesome alternatives to traditional houses

Whether you’re looking to save money, embrace a more nomadic lifestyle or just beat your own drum a little differently, scope out these ideas to get you excited about alternative housing.

We’ll start with mobile-oriented ideas, then move into drop-in homes for those with land and wrap up with a couple ideas to live for free.

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Live on a Boat

Nor is a houseboat the only boat-based alternative to buying a house. Why not sail around the world with your spouse, significant other, or just a (really) good friend?

Tour the World in an RV

Today’s RVs often share more in common with luxury homes than trailers. Many include enormous “slides” – rooms that slide out of the main section to create a spacious, multi-room home when parked.

Tiny House in Tow

By now, everyone’s familiar with the tiny house movement. But it’s worth noting some of the advantages to hitching up a tiny house to the back of your car or truck.

Prefab Cabins

Even better, build your own cabin using a cabin kit. My father and uncle did this; they bought a 10-acre lot near the Madison River in Montana, bought a three-bedroom log cabin kit and spent a few summers building it.