This is how much the average American has in credit card debt

The average credit card debt in the U.S. is $5,525, according to the credit bureau Experian’s State of Credit 2021 report.

However, the average credit card debt per person can vary greatly depending on factors such as an individual’s location and age.

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Average Credit Card Debt in the US

In 2021, the average credit card holder had $5,525 worth of credit card debt, per Experian’s report.

Average Credit Card Debt by State

America’s credit card debt varies widely by state. For example, per Experian’s report, Wisconsin and Iowa were tied for the lowest average amount of credit card debt at $4,587.

Average Credit Card Debt by Age

Per data from Experian, credit card debt in 2021 was highest among Generation X (ages 41-56), followed by baby boomers (ages 57-75), and then millennials (ages 25-40).

COVID-19 Pandemic Effect on Credit Card Debt

In 2020, when the pandemic began, the average credit card balance was $5,315. In 2021, there was a 1.8% decline, with average credit card debt levels falling to $5,221.


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