How to balance a side hustle with a full-time job

According to American side hustle statistics, 1 in 3 Americans reported having a side hustle and several struggle with how to balance a side hustle with a full time job.

This comes at no surprise with the rising cost of living and many people who rely on side hustles to pay their bills while planning and saving for the future.

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Plan your days

Plan the days and hours you’re going to work on your side hustle so you have a set schedule each week then mark these on your Google calendar.

Listen to your body and mind

Balance is a constant effort so you need to give yourself grace to forgive mistakes and take on hurdles at your own pace.

Take breaks

Whenever you do sprints of work which may be required often for a side hustle, give yourself a break in chunks of time.

Form or join an accountability group

I recommend searching and reaching out to people online doing similar things to you, working side hustles, and need others to connect with as well.

Notice when it’s no longer sustainable

Recognize when it is time to make a decision for which one to choose or which one to put on a back burner for while.