Beer Cheese? Uh, Yes Please! 

Cheese and beer don’t just pair well, some cheesemakers are adding beer  into their cheeses to make beer cheeses, using different varieties of  beer.

Fiscalini Farmstead

Modesto, California-based Fiscalini got the idea of beer cheese from Purple Moo, their wine-soaked cheese.

Since 2016, they have worked with several local breweries instead of one to make their hops beer cheese.

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Tulip Tree Creamery

A Networking Opportunity

Fons Smits explains that they were making a cheese that had such a nice flavor profile and nice consistency he believed it could pair with beer.

They’ll rotate through the breweries, but each cheese label will specify the beer and brewery that was used in the cheese.

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Rotating Breweries & Seasonal Cheeses


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