Blockchain in real estate: 4 benefits to know

While it may not seem intuitive, real estate is one of many industries with potential blockchain applications.

In fact, blockchain may even provide a superior method of conducting business in the real estate industry to existing protocols, in some cases. There are many potential use cases for blockchain in the real estate industry — and many of them overlap with other industries, too.

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Faster Deal Closing

It creates a seamless, transparent and (hopefully) quicker process through which real estate transactions can be executed.

Stronger Security

Blockchain tech is actually designed to be secure. Since data and information are recorded in blocks and linked on a distributed ledger, any tampering is snuffed out with relative ease.

Eliminating Middlemen

That could, in turn, lower costs (or remove them altogether), allowing buyers and sellers direct access to listings, rather than going through an intermediary. This is just one example of ways that blockchain in real estate could remove intermediaries from the equation.

Fractional Real Estate Investing

This would create fractional ownership of properties, and allow investors to pool their cash to target bigger properties with potentially higher returns.

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